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Registered: 09/21/2007

Gender: Female

Occupation: Half-Demon, alchemist, soul reaper, Blood Sand Ninja

dream avis WOO HOO!!!!

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my character Gabby Shibaki The Blood Sand Ninja
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-I dreamed a dream that no one could see

-I threw away everything that I didn’t need

-I’m holding these feelings that I can’t give up in my heart

-Even if my feet fall victim to the shackles of sacrifice

-In between reality and my ideal

-I can’t hold back the flooding impulses

-Because I have a strong desire to accomplish

-Deceit, fear, vanity, melancholy

-I’m not weak enough to believe any of these negative perceptions

-I’m a trickster who doesn’t know solitude

-Death Note


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XX666SoulDemon666XX Report | 02/24/2008 11:34 am
THIS IS A TEST TO SEE HOW MANY GOOD FRIENDS YOU HAVE.. YOU MUST SEND IT TO AT LEAST 10 PEOPLE, INCLUDING THE PERSON WHO SENT IT TO YOU *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* You are my friend...And i hope u kno thats matter what happens... i will stand by u... i will be there for u... when ever u need me... to lend a hand.... to do a good call on me....whenever u need me... i will always be there...Even to the bitter end...Send this promise to all your friends to show your friendship and watch who sends it back to u
xKAG0MEEEx39x Report | 02/14/2008 7:03 pm
User Image
ZeroStep Report | 02/12/2008 6:26 pm
an the fist simely was so pose to be shock but it came out happy -_-
ZeroStep Report | 02/12/2008 6:25 pm
User Image she hacked holy *bleep* well they try an hack me but it didnt work User Image but ill help gabby any way i can
addykaye Report | 02/12/2008 6:14 pm
The hackers name is Shadow Posseser that is his actual profile his mule is The Money Man dmoney avoid these too if at all possible!!!
addykaye Report | 02/11/2008 5:40 pm
Anime_Rules_4_me369 GOT HACKED!!!! now she has nothing donate to me and ill send it to her new account Will post the new username when she creates a new one!!!
XX666SoulDemon666XX Report | 02/08/2008 10:08 pm
Dark Tanin Report | 02/06/2008 12:41 pm
Dark Tanin
Random comment. =P

Hakke Hyakunijuuhachishou!
ino_luvs_naruto Report | 02/03/2008 5:16 pm
Ur welcome!
Sophia-chan56 Report | 02/03/2008 5:02 pm
Nice Profile


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"i bored so i made this stupid journal by:Gabby"

this is basically my journal of my life my friends and what would like to say like "i love this face :3 lol"



gaara's symbol

read this journal... do it..DO IT u know u want to

im the sand around peoples feet..
people think i am never there..
all of those that go againist me..
shall die of my hands..
-Gabby Shibaki
The Blood Sand Ninja