Everything under this like is subject to have changed since i worte this nearly 3 years ago. and i change like the weather.

About me? fine!
I live in Mexico City, falling hopelessly inlove with everything this urban monster holds inside, every time I step out of my apartment.

I'm 23 years old. Sometimes feel like 7 and sometimes I feel like 80.

I love creating, gaming, learning, knitting, crochetting, sewing, writing, drawing, painting, listening to music, poetry, literature, photohraphy, ideas, acting.

I'm rather obsessive and will investigate a topic until I exahust my resources.

Love languages but I only speak english fluently aside of my natal spanish.

I'm ecceptical and do not believe in god, heaven or hell. * there I'm out of the athetist closet* Even tho I doubt everything and listen to everything I hear, for I am not the owner of the universal truth.

I'm about to study to become an illustrator, finally!

I love my mother to bits and thank her for rasining me in a very unsual manner, giving me all the freedom and honesty she could.

My friends are my choosen family.

I love physical displays of affection, i was very kissed and very hugged when I was a child. But i won't let strangers touch me .

I don't like everybody, then again I'm usually always nice and try to be as polite as possible, never an hypocrite tho.

It's almost impossible to offend me.

I smoke and I drink... sue me.

I adore music and enjoy almost every genre.

I'm back to gaia due to an accident and some other health mishaps.

I'm a night person.

I do suck at typing and I do not care enough to correct myself must fo the time.

I'm jolly happy most of the time.

I love smarts long tiems!

I used to be super gothy, now I'm super.... "oh geez who dressed that girl?!" " she lost the 60's somewhere between the 80's"

I think we are free for what we can do, not for what we want to do.

I like a good conversation, do pm me smile

I amused my self.... leave me be! ( this is still amusing to me ._.)
Flying nuns everywhere ! Evangelists stealing my fried chicken with out any care , Elvis told me so... but i didnt dare ! gonk


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Lost and Delirious

Muahahahaha!!! >_>




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Thank you dearly for your purchase! heart heart heart
Megera Seqhenri

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Megera Seqhenri

ehmm... em I the accident? or... the Health issue?...or did I just make you fall into temptation because I posted my gaia avatar on Facebook ?

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I haven't been on Gaia in forever.. (like 2 years) Just trying to figure out who you and a few others are on here. smile
Kimi Chi-Chi

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Kimi Chi-Chi

I'm so glad to hear that, Ani!! I miss you too! I'm hardly ever on the computer these days. Shoot me an email sometime and tells me all about your happiness!! {BIG HUGS} <33333
Kimi Chi-Chi

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Kimi Chi-Chi

heart heart heart heart heart heart
Kimi Chi-Chi

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Kimi Chi-Chi

Come on Skyyyyyyyyype!!! gonk I luhs you too and I mishes youuuuuuuu!!!! <333333333333333
Kimi Chi-Chi

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Kimi Chi-Chi

AAAAANNNNNIIIII!!!!!! gonk heart heart heart heart heart

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Same s**t, different day? I'm dealing with the same kind of s**t

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Nice, I'd love to, hehe!
And yeah, lol, it's definitely really intimidating... that's like... 4000 feet down. >.> That's terrifying, lol. One of my friends has also been pushing me into skydiving with him, which I'm really scared to try, but at the same time, really intrigued to definitely want to do eventually, at least once in my life! xP
And Cancun is gorgeous. =D One of my most favorite vacation experiences, personally. I know what you mean on the tourism though, still very beautiful =3

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What are we confused about?


SKA-tastrophe is gonna put a ring on my finger.
I'm old
~~Now I know how Joan of Arc felt when the flames rose to her roman nose and her ipod started to melt.~~