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A Blog About An Emo Child...Well Sorta.

I like to blog about how my life sucks sometimes. C:

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A wild Angry-Tampon appeared!

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"Hello there, lovelies. My name is Angry-Tampon but you can call me Tamp, Pon, or Angry. I'm going to change the world someday! There's a lot that you don't know about me, but the fun is finding out just who exactly I am. You're smart! I bet you could figure me out quick if you wanted.
I'm a very friendly person, I assure you. I promise I won't bite you or eat you or anything...okay well I lied. I just might try to bite or eat you, but I'm really a nice person! Honest!
My random behavior can scare people off sometimes, but don't be afraid of me! I just want to make friends.
Buuuut don't get on my bad side because I'll sock it to ya and then I won't be very nice. Oh, but I like being nice so please don't be mean to me or others.
Flowers are very beautiful! I feel sooo great when I'm around a nice field of flowers. they make me so happy no matter how blue I am.
I just looooooove to write about many things and as a form of therapy to feel better when I'm feeling all teary-eyed! I would absolutely adore it if you read some of my writings and made a comment.
Well that's all! Bye-bye for now, lovelies! <3"

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