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I never truly belonged here, I've never felt at home. But I met this boy of my age who reminded me of Peter Pan from the story books and I guess leaving for a new world was what I was destine for. I remember the first day I arrived in WORLD, walking through the Veil of Mist and into the On Stretch Forest of Fog, it was like a something I saw in my sleep one dreamy August night. I can recall Fredrick walking me to my new house and on the way pointing out to me all the beauties and wonders on this planet. It was so much like earth in appearance and landscape, but the creatures that lived there were so different. They reminded me of myself. I also remember making friends. Oh the friends I made, these people were the type you grow up with and live to tell tales about. One thing I'll surely never forget is the adventures we went on; me, Fredrick, and all our friends. Fredrick was like a king, only my age though. Everything was so magical here and never have I been more in love with anything like I was with WORLD, this was were I was supposed to be. And not only because I was happy or having fun, or even making friends. It was because I knew I was there to change lives, and I did. Excuse me, let me rephrase that. I was there to change lives, and I still am. As a mother to those without, as a missionary to carry out, as a friend to those in need, and a sister to those who bleed. I'm a lover to those alone and and saint to those on dark thrones.
Until my time to leave off on my own, I will be here, doing just that, and even when I must go, I'll continue on with my journey.
Hello! My name is Mollie Vaughan and like everyone else here I am an artist! What makes me so is, I love to draw for one which is my heart, mind and soul. I also love to paint, sculpt, and make arts and crafts! I've been doing these things my whole life of only 15 years, but when I was 9 years old I began to devote myself to it. Ever since then, I've kept binders full of my drawings and I love to look back at those drawings from 4th grade and see how much I've improved now that I'm in high school. Why I create art and am so in love with it is because I'm only a dreamer and those things I dream are intangible so through art I can create a way to feel, see, and even hold them. Making my own world in my hands is what art is to me and much more.
I also really enjoy writing (though never as much as drawing) as well! If I'm not drawing then I'll always be found trying to improve my writing technique or learning knew words. I even find myself waking up everyday to check to see what the word of the day is so I can somehow use it and incorporate in my writing and speaking. I often can be found reading too. One thing I'll never understand is why some people actually shun reading. Who wouldn't want to escape into another world for a while and adventure with fictional characters on their quests and journeys? I know I would, and I do! One other thing that I love and have to mention is role playing! But Lordy, I'm not even going to get into that because then I'll talk for a straight year!
One day I hope to design detailed characters and monsters for video games, but I also want to write part time. I really devoted myself to art when I made my first OC in 4th grade who I simply fell in love with. Seeing how much they've grown up until now and all the new characters and stories I've made motivates me to indulge myself in my works. My art and writing and story development is on my mind all day and night. All my characters are a part of me and I only depress myself now and then because I simply want to live with them in their world. One day maybe when i graduate from college and become a better writer, I hope to write about my friends and their adventures. That's one of my ultimate dreams. My things with my dreams is, a go for them the moment I want them. I just want to do everything I've ever wanted in life so when I'm old I can look back and say, " I did it all."
I'm also ready to introduce my characters and stories and art to the world now so I hope to do this sharing my ideas online to start. I'm also working on my website so soon I can just link people straight to my world!
Well I don't have any fancy photoshop programs(though I may soon) but thats ok because I don't need that to show my drawings. I usually draw with a mechanical pencil and or Mars Lumograph graphite drawing pencils. I dont normally color my pictures, but I'll have the occasional ones. I normally do more realistic, but when I do draw more cartoony the I'll use and inking pen or fine point sharpie. I normally draw a lot of dragons, monsters, demons, and things in that category, but lately drawing people has been my main focus so you'll see a lot of that.
Besides drawing, I like to sculpt with clay, paint, or even make small little crafts for fun or to decorate my room. Mostly all my work is related to my original characters!
Well now that you know a little about me, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or maybe just stop by to say hey! I'm no stranger to new people so don't be shy! And one more thing, PLEASE feel free to critique my art and be mean as possible! I want to improve like there's gonna be no tomorrow! I'm dedicated to my art so please help me get better! Thanks!

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