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It's All About Me!

Hi all the name is Lacey, and im from Australia.
I have just finished school and looking forword with grim detemanation at the world today, as the world is spining and turning i wish to be the one who is also moving to its rithims, insted of the on standing still afraid to be a little diffrent...
I have leaned that:-
While in Pest Control on RuneScape make sure you tell every1 not to attack the brawlers >.< dam bloody noobs THEY BLOCK THE RANGER PESTS GOD DAM IT
When playing Assassians creed, do not splt the keybord in two with your sis controling the blades and jumping and speed... otherwise if she does get bord we attrack the gards so bad >.<
but at leat im to pro at the fighting i beat them ^.^
Assassins Creed 2 is a blood great game and can be finished within a week!

Hate Crimes by SolitaryChild

(follow the link)

So let me get in your head,
See the things you think?
So if I'm gay, I should be dead.
and if I'm emo I need a shrink.

Because I'm white
I must be lazy.
I must want to start a fight
because I'm a punk with a mohawk and my clothes are too crazy.

So because I'm black
I must be in a gang
And I must have smarts that lack.
Because I talk in slang.

So I'm Irish and proud of it
I must be a drunk who likes to fight.
And my wrists are slit
I must be doing it out of spite!

Because I'm a guy
I can't get raped or go through abuse
And I must always lie
because my family are jews.

So my boobs are broad
I must be a slut
Because I cut
I must be suicidal or just a fraud.

So I'm male and I was raped by a guy
I guess now I'm just a slutty gay!
So I'm going to hell when I die
because I messed up in some way.

I'm a lesbian or as you say a "Dyke"
So I hate men.
And I got into a fight
So I wanna beat up every person I can?!

I'm from Japan,
So I can't drive
So I've had sex with more then one man
I shouldn't be alive.

I'm emo
so all I do is cry.
I'm Goth
So I must want to die.

I'm where pink
so I must be a preppy whore.
I see a shrink
so I shouldn't like anymore.

I look at porn
I'm a pervert
I must be a whore since I was f*cking born!
Because I tend to flirt.

Does any of this sound smart?
You must be one of these.
They aren't the ones with the disease
Its you for being a dumbass and not having a heart!

Its not cool to say sh*t
And if you keep f*cking talking like that
You're gonna get f*cking hit.

You aren't any better
It doesn't make you cool
And you won't get a love letter
by acting like a f*cking fool.

You're stupid, not smart.
Grow up, and grow a f*cking heart!


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derp heart
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f*ck THE HOMOPHOBES by ~Light-X-Ryuuzaki

If any of you are out there, read this poem please.
f*cking Homophobes!
(i shear there views, but im stright smile edited 31/12/2010)
What's wrong with liking the same sex, it changes nothing in my eyes,
While you're reading this poem I hope you find it in your heart,
I hope you realise your problems, be they inside or out,
And fix any prejudice you hold on those that are Bi or Gay.
I think the act of love is beautiful, no matter how you carry it is done,
if it's with somebody you love, who cares? Why don't we find a problem, a difference?
It's because there isn't one, no matter how hard you look, its love,
and we feel it the same way, we are not "aliens"
You might think, "they don't know what they're doing",
or "God will send them away for their disobedience"
What disobedience!? There were no rules in the bible about love,
no restrictions were laid down on the genders,
You don't know how hard it is for us,
Every day we get shot down and torn apart,
Were afraid to show public affection, something your all 'allowed' to do,
You think "oh they were born like that" or we came upon it easily,
to be honest, can you all stop talking sh*t.
some of us were born gay, yes
but the majority of us worried and experimented for years before we came upon our sexuality,
I call this a poem, but I think it's more of a rant,
no I'm not accusing everybody of being a Homophobic,
but I want you to keep in mind,
The small things you say bring tears,
the large things you say, bring wishes of death, worse even.
If you believe in this rubbish, saying its true they shouldn't exist, then maybe you shouldn't exist.
The love we hold for our partners is unconditional and hard to find,
most of us never break a relationship, for love grows easily when you're fighting the world,
you all split up and get together every other week,
what are we supposed to do.
Sometimes I think there are "Us" and "Them" groups, and sometimes I hate "Them"
they destroy our defences and kill our love.
All I ask, is you treat us like people, we are people. Gay and bisexual hate is disgusting;
no matter how you look at it, people are judged over nothing.
Imagine you've fallen in love, if you are in love, this will be harder to think about.
imagine that people laughed at you, pointed their stubby fingers and beat you up,
Just because of who you're in love with. Imagine you tell a secret,
and because of it, your whole family and all of your friends rejected you.
Alot of "Us" go through these things every day.
Stand up for gay pride, and help the homophobes climb back to reality.
Reaver Iaido
Da Shadow Dragon
Angels do cry Blood