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If you want to know more about me, read this

Hello there~ I'm Angels Alibi, but you can just call me Angel

I've been around Gaia for a long time, well before being on this account
I'm usually found lurking around GCD, but lately I just keep to Discord
If I'm not there I'm probably playing Overwatch
(PM me if you play PC and wanna play together heart )

My favorite people on Gaia are Princess Kunzite (Bubblegum Gem Princess)
and timidpandora (Impatient Kitty Princess)
Without these two I don't know if I would still be on Gaia anymore heart

Love Letters <3

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Kiriad Report | 11/16/2019 8:22 am
I used 5 All Typically Negative (A) and I think one or two Gloomy Umbral Summoner.
I didn’t earned the three stars but I cleared the stage.
Kiriad Report | 11/08/2019 3:26 pm
In the last stage you need to dress with Fearsome and at the same time it takes points too. I just used one Fearsome item.
I have Aconite (I finally uses the wing tickets I have been hoarding for who knows how long hahaha)
Well, I did my birthday unicorn themed... maybe I should make a unicorn avi...
ahh I’m still trying to figure it out XD
Kiriad Report | 11/08/2019 3:10 pm
You’re suffering like me with the crappy avis hahahaha
I just finished it. Last stage I cleared with one star, but at least I finished XD
Now back to the pretty avis! Specially since I never made one for my birthday rolleyes
iCo-kie Report | 11/08/2019 6:49 am

Lost files crying yikes. Ooh. I'll keep my eyes peeled. I'm sure they'd make a dev notice about it if they plan to do it through the community instead of hiring outside. I feel like internally would be the best deal, cos nobody loves gaia and wants Gaia to prosper more than the bunch of us who stil hang around.

I know that feel. I've been trying to make an effort to work with what I have, and not get any new items. There isn't too much I've wanted right now. I'm hoping in the not so disant future we get more clowny items or chubby bodymods. I'm obsessed with the one Robin angel item from a while back. I wish there was a way to remove the shoes or layer new shoes over it. I love those chonky legs soo much.
iCo-kie Report | 11/07/2019 7:27 pm
Yea, I get why that rule was in place to begin with, but at this point nothing will get sorted if they just stick to that method.
Honestly, at this point I'd be willing to throw a few hours pro bono if they let me on the team and devote a few hours a day of down time just fixing glitches. I love trouble shooting so it would be fun for me.

That's a good way to approach it! Beary Obessive is just one of those items I could wear multiple poses together. I love the overall pose the most, and for the longest time the layering was messed up so it was never actually and overall. Tops and everything layered under it. I mentioned it in an ATS and Lanzer ended up fixing it ;;
So now it works, and I''ve been dying to work with it but I cant seem to get anything I like yet.

Ugh EIs were my absolute favorite. I remember Keiko's Cake and Sainte Ciel the most. The fan threads, the community, the togetherness of talking about items and theorizing. I MISS that so much.
iCo-kie Report | 11/07/2019 6:42 pm
I sometimes find it more comforting to like one or two poses. That way I can be flexible and work with the item outside of itself. I'm always wanting to wear Beary Obessive with itself xD
But that's just one of the few items I adore ever single pose.
:0( yea that bums me out so much. I know they are trying their best to iron out all the issues. I really hope they can figure things out and start running more smoothly and be able to hire some more artitt again.
Artists really make this site feel more like home.

Im like the laid back less new items but I do miss having monthly collectibles or just a new set of items other than the angel items.
iCo-kie Report | 11/07/2019 2:29 pm
Yeaaa, probably. I know I ghosted over the item, cos the first pose was not my cup of tea and really the rest of the item pales in comparison. It's like a hidden gem pose.
Yesss. I love playing with the layering. I'm trying to throw together a birthday avi and I want to wear my absolute favorite item ever, since the glitch finally got fixed.

iCo-kie Report | 11/07/2019 1:04 pm
Aww darn, this coat would look amazing in sweet heart or pale bubblegum honestly!
Same. I basically have my basic setup where I pretty much only use the blushing baby face/headmod, keiko's cake eyes and some blush.
I jsut recently started experimenting with the old makeup items. The shadows are soo cute. I'm sad the bottom shadows are lined up so poorly
So they work better as a second blush. Sometimes they unequpiiet other items or lay under older stuff :0(
But it's fun trying around!
iCo-kie Report | 11/07/2019 12:28 pm
Oooh I'm gonna have to check the recolors. I was too hype and overpaid for it when it first released and there was like one other color.
The big poofy sleeves are the best. I wish we would get more items like this where you can have more options by moving the arms around.

I think that mouth is a bit older but it's the perfect placement. Most mouths are too high or off center.
iCo-kie Report | 11/07/2019 12:22 pm
Oh ahhh thank you redface I am beyond flattered.
The mouth is Lori the Vamp User Image
coat is Leucistic Comfortable Corvidae User Image


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