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What's New?

9/3/2011- Just got back from a year or so long hiatus! Glad to be back! Just updating and reacquanting myself with gaia. Alot's changed, but I am slowly catching up with all the new things.. xp

Who am I?

My name is Amanda. I'm currently a sophmore in College! . whee

I've been on gaia since Feb of '04.
So I know quite a bit about Gaia, at least I think I do.

So if you have any questions or want to talk, pm me.
I'm pretty easy to talk to, and I love chatting with other people! I adore it!

I'll always comment back on profiles, if you comment on mine. So feel free to comment. I love comments! heart


What I like:

* Anime/Manga- I'm a major fan of alot of different types of manga/anime. There's so many I can't name them all. sweatdrop

* Video games- I'm a huge RPG fan. Final Fantasy, any bioware game. I am totally all over it. Totally psyched for Mass Effect 3! Figured I should mention that since I mentioned Bioware. 3nodding

* Music- Hm..I like rap, and screechy rock. Lately I have been super interested in Korean indie bands, and classical music. Weird combo, I know.

*Ikuta Toma- Oh my god. I adore him. He's my favorite japanese actor, and I truly believe that he is pretty talented.
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

* Drawing- I'm not good, persay, but I enjoy doing it all the same.

* People pming me for a rate - I love rating avie's. It's fun! It also allows me to see what cool designs other people have come up with. I love that!

What I don't like:

* Begging for my items- That's basically common sense, no?

Giving out thanks!

Thanks for those who have donated to me for my quests 3nodding
I appreciate it very much! You all rock!

85 Tokens - [Hollywood] heart
393 Tickets - Fishy_Bones heart
Kiki - SolarSky heart heart - Thanks Gurl!
50 Tickets - SpeedmanRC heart heart - Your awesome!
Drop Jewlery Set- Kana Tendo heart


My Wonderful Commenters

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Run_Elf Report | 09/04/2011 10:25 am
Thank you so much!! I like your avi!! So cutely golden like lol X3 XDXD X3 heart heart heart
VictoriouslyWanted Report | 11/03/2010 12:31 pm
Not even gold and silver can

cute avi

break the two of us...
Sherlock Hounds Report | 10/23/2009 1:23 pm
Sherlock Hounds
Aww thank you so much. It's a work in progress.
I love yours too~
AngelofTime Report | 08/05/2009 5:18 pm
Rich Camp. I couldn't resist!
SolarSky Report | 08/05/2009 5:11 pm
Science Camp, Angel! What camp are you?
KaRoOLaiNA Report | 06/01/2009 5:11 pm
The angle of Report | 10/26/2008 1:05 pm
The angle of
thanks for the purchase.
iGoLd3n Report | 10/26/2008 1:03 pm
Thanks for buying from my shop!! ^__^
B l a c k P o p p y Report | 06/28/2008 7:30 pm
B l a c k  P o p p y
thankies! User Image
B l a c k P o p p y Report | 06/27/2008 8:36 pm
B l a c k  P o p p y
pretty avi! User Image


Feel free to browse my wares!
If you have any questions or wish to negotiate a price, feel free to PM.
I am always willing to talk to any one who is interested in one of my items. smile


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