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"A woman's love is like a fine diamond...
sought by many, and held by the lucky."

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"Today was the tomorrow you were worried about yesterday.
Was it worth it?"

<Dear Lord,

So far, I am doing alright.
I have not gossiped, lost my temper, been greedy,
grumpy, or selfish.

I have not whined, complained, cursed, or eaten
any chocolate.

But I'm getting out of bed soon, and will really need
your help then.>

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Secret Admirer

Together No Matter What

A shade of perfect emerald...Eyes which burn into my soul
A rose set ablaze by touch...Sentimental scenes embark the sky
Children raised in elven blood...A connection which ignited spark
The beauty amongst the first of site...Together no matter what
Fear wraps around the heart...Thorns prod in all directions
Yet the vision still remains...Its you in my reflections
A song which i'd sing forever...If it could keep you by my side
Still I know your mind is split...So I don't push what I feel inside
I've read upon your every lip...As mine conceal your secrets
A kiss shared of passions deep...Still with guilt I feel in soul
Yet till the day you have to leave...I am yours and yours alone to hold
Cause still the fact remains...Together no matter what

My broken heart.

"Sitting all alone in the quiet of the night,
Crying with my heart in my hand.
Wishing I could make everything all right,
Dying in this lonely land.

Praying each day for the sound of his voice,
Knowing that I never will.
Though his leaving was not by either choice,
The pain is enough to kill.

Reaching through the days, across all the miles
Aching for the slightest touch,
Hang on every single call, hearing all the smiles.
Even though it's not that much...

Knowing that he'll be back someday,
Can hold me in his arms some day,
And kiss me like he used to some day,
That he make everything be okay.

Wondering what he's doing all alone in the night,
Is he lying here awake in bed?
Is he thinking of me in the dawns early light?
Am I even a thought in his head?

Is he wondering when he'll make it back?
Is he even awake at all?
In that armor of his, is there even a crack?
Does he know how it feels to fall?

And when he's out in the bright sun light,
Walking to and from his base,
Does he even think at all, that I'll make it all right?
The very next time I see his face.

Knowing that he'll be back someday,
Can hold me in his arms some day,
And kiss me like he used to some day,
That he will make everything be okay.


Angel's Journal

Hell hole of a life?


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cool avi
Demetri Van Lionheart

Report | 11/12/2008 12:54 am

Demetri Van Lionheart

I have been at Haffa's trying to get Hawk to aid Demetri in teaching Gabriella.
Demetri Van Lionheart

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Demetri Van Lionheart

I had been waiting for you to return so we can continue to rule our worlds.
Demetri Van Lionheart

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Demetri Van Lionheart

Contact me when you can

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Hey how have you been? Hope all is going well for you.

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Skaia Beltane

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Skaia Beltane

I like the black dress you have, what is it called?

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. . . Yo.

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woot! I was going to post random something but got a wooden trunk anyway.

you have a llucky and kool profile kris ^^


[i:4dfaad3f6c]"I don't know if I should be laughing because he is my friend,
Or crying, because that is all that he is...[/color:4dfaad3f6c]"[/i:4dfaad3f6c][/align:4dfaad3f6c]