//Hello there. Looks like you have stumbled into my profile. Enjoy your stay. If you do stay, that is.
//My name will not be revealed here. I don't trust the internet. Just call me whatever you can get out of my name.
//Favorite color is pink. Lots of people say I'm a girly girl. So what? Deal with it.
//Be rude to me, I return the favor. Are we clear?
//I random comment randomly. The method I use is secret.
//You don't know anything about me, I don't know anything about you. We're total strangers. Don't act like you know everything about me until you do. Which is never. Even the people I know in real life don't know everything about me.
//I love pink and black items. Get me one and I have a higher opinion of you.
//Argue with me and trust me, you have made a horrible enemy.
//I don't like to talk too much unless I am interested. Annoy me, and I put you on the ignore list. It's hard to get onto my friend's list. Why? Well, it's because I'm not friendly. I am bossy. You've had your warning.
//If you know these things and still want to talk to me, go ahead. Just be prepared. I'll try to be polite if you are.