my AIM: XxBellaLoonaxX

Hair: Light Brown with reddish tints..about shoulder length
Eyes: Emerald~Ice Blue Hazel
Zodiac: Taurus (May 11)
Personality Traits: Stubborn, Bull Headed, Caring, Sweet, Sensitive, Indecisive, Crazy and Just Downright Wierd. =)
Status: Single and loving it smile
Favorite Band: Daughtry
I Like To: write poetry, music, computer, draw
Favorite Anime: Bleach, FMA, DNAngel, Fruits Basket, Vampire Knight
Favorite Color(s): Black, Blood Red, dark hues
Age: 17
I Am Mostly: accident prone and klutzy =P
School: Lake Norman Charter High

Any Additional Information : I like the rain..just don't like the loud thunder that comes with it. I'm usually outgoing..but at times can be completely shy. I am not emo or goth..though people might say otherwise. I love to read..but writing is better. My emotions sometimes get the best of me but I'm a girl so it's natural. I have had a rough past..but the greatest friends to help me smooth out the rough edges...let's see.... My friends have my back so if you're out to hurt me you better watch out! I hate people who are overly preppy, guys who just want sex, and the color yellow. I love my girls, and they'll be in my heart forever. Love ya guys! =D

P.S : I'm a christian..and PROUD of it! =)