Hello guys 4laugh heart

My name is Angel, and it's lovely to meet you! heart I'm a 21 year old female and I live in Australia.

While being online, I consider myself the type of person who is random, but also someone who likes to be silly and be myself.

I enjoy making my friends laugh, and I love to be there for my friends, whether through cheering them up or just being there to listen to them.

In Person, I'm not that much different to being online, however when it comes to meeting new people or trying to make friends ect, I get really awkward and shy.

After a while though, once I get to know the person or group of people, I start to feel a little bit of confidece and that's when I start to be myself a little more. whee

In regards to obsessions and things I love, there is a whole range of different things. From youtubers to musicals There are so many things that makes me happy!

I have a tumblr, so in order to see my Fandoms or more about me, you are welcome to click on it and follow it smile


Thank you for reading my profile, I hope you have learnt a little more about me, if not feel free to send a message or comment and talk to me, otherwise you can follow me on tumblr! I also have a youtube account which you can subscribe here.

Any futher questions let me know and I'd be happy to help. 4laugh emotion_kirakira



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Yeah!!!!!! @_@;;;; It's pretty crazy. Somehow we are all still surviving it though!!! Hahah.

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Yeah. It felt like it happened nearly overnight. One day everything was fine... I went away for the weekend and boom the Gaia world was upside down.


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Haha. Yeah. Gaia's economy sort of exploded. It's sad... but I guess it's something we've all just come to live with.

Oh wow! That's really awesome!!!! *o* That sounds fun!!!
I just make things with little bottles. I have fun filling up little and big bottles with all sorts of stuff.

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Awwww, yeah... I know a lot of people have quit Gaia and moved on with life. But, I'll always be here. *giggle*
My profile shop is okay, I haven't really gotten much work. With the prices of items nowadays it's nearly impossible to price things reasonably. ....I've actually been busy working on my own online shop off of Gaia making irl items. Just some cute necklaces and stuff like that. It's been fun.

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Hey!!!!!!! I've wondered what happened to you!!! 4laugh
I'm doing just fine. How are you!!???

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Hey Hayley! THIS IS COOL. cool
Grace Leann

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Grace Leann

Love your Avi, Hayley! Much love!✌
you got to be kitten me-

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you got to be kitten me-

I miss you haylz ;-; I need to get on skype and chat with you <3

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I don't think I'll quit. I'm definitely not dedicated to it, but I like having the account and the memories biggrin


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