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Report | 04/05/2014 10:39 pm


Yep heart
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Report | 04/20/2011 3:57 pm

Eccentric With Goggles

Oh, really? Which one have you played that you liked? 8D
Because with Draw My Thing, everyone gets a word and they take turns. When it comes to your turn, you have to draw whatever the word is, and the others have to guess what word you got as you draw. It's very fun xD Some of them can be hard though.
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Report | 04/20/2011 3:42 pm

Eccentric With Goggles

Thank you so much! smile I hope so too!
Hey, have you tried Draw My Thing in the OMGPOP section on here? It's pretty addicting, I haven't had a chance to play it as of late though xD
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Report | 04/20/2011 3:14 pm

Eccentric With Goggles

That's awesome! I'm glad you've got a job. It's a pity that my first job will probably be in fast food, but I'll take anything I can get. I still have to wait about 5 weeks for my ID to arrive in the mail. Dx Ugh.
Thanks, though! (:
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Report | 04/01/2011 8:13 pm

Eccentric With Goggles

Definitely! OH DUDE. Really? What type of job do you have? Thank you for asking. As for me, I've been job searching as well. C: I just graduated from high school though ^^ I'm basically trying to find something to do, while learning at the same time. (:
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Report | 03/27/2011 12:33 pm

Eccentric With Goggles

HEY! Long time no type! ;D Howya been?
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Report | 12/20/2010 9:58 pm

Eccentric With Goggles

Heyy! How have you been? Long time no type! (thanks to me being gone for so long) C:
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Report | 11/24/2010 2:37 pm

Eccentric With Goggles

Haha, I see! Baking's a lovely passtime. I can't wait for dinner tonight... we're going to make clam chowder with shrimp. C:
xDD Haha, you're so right about that. Have you ever tried bowling?
Nah, it's not too shocking! Besides, there's plenty fruits I haven't tried.. and much I probably haven't heard of before. You know something, I've met someone who thinks strawberries are evil and hates them... I was like "???" when he said it. xD
No prob! I'm funny? I feel like I'm kind of corny sometimes, but being called funny feels nice. Btw, do you care for anime or manga at all? (I'm sorry if you're one of those people that hate it xD) And if you never really got into it, that's okay too, I was just wondering since that's what just came to mind right now.
Camp Rock 2? Oh, I heard of that movie... both of them were on Disney right? I haven't watched them. x3 but yeah!
Well! She must be happy, right? I can't stay mad at my Jimmy either... xD but yes, my phone thankfully survived, just with... a few scars. It has dents from his teeth xD
I know right? Pink and black are both awesome. And don't they go so well together?
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Report | 11/23/2010 10:09 pm


tnx .. wink
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Report | 11/22/2010 8:33 pm

Eccentric With Goggles

>//< Dah, thanks! I do like to bake... what about you, do you bake? Psh, I haven't had gingerbread for maybe... cchh 10 years? lol.
We do, don't we? 8D I didn't feel like killing them, so I ended up scooping them up into a dustpan and shook them off into the front lawn. xD So, they probably grew up to be nasty flies and had many babies by now.
Wow! That sounds really fun! <3 I like wearing sandals on hot days too o3o better than wearing shoes.
Yup, honeydew is really yum! What about starfruit... heard of or tried that one?
>.> Dawh, I've licked my arm before and I'm not very sweet if you ask me- oh, you're talking about that type of sweet? Awwwh, so are you~
IKR? I say dude sometimes... JUS to say it. It makes sentences more delicious or something like that. xD
He don't really play... a whole lot. He'll run with me and stuff, frisbee too, but he loves to sit on my lap and just sleep. He LOVES to chew though. He even chewed on my cell once... I was all like ... "Jimmeh D:"
>.> I suppose you're right! I don't even know how many I've gone through, lol. I'm just going to get anything I can, the last ones I had were black, but I'd settle for pink or blue ;D they're my fave colors.
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Report | 11/22/2010 2:57 pm

Eccentric With Goggles

I know! I actually keep trying to remind myself that I need to find a recipe for gingerbread cookies, so I better do that online today-- I've been dying to see if i can make them right. xD
Flies are so dirty... I really hate them. I don't think you sound like a girly-girl, a lot of people don't like certain bugs... etc, lol. I also take a disliking to when flies are babies... bleck, maggots are so squirmy and get this-- a fly laid babies in our damp mop! So, one of the days I got up in the morning to mop, I started seeing little rice like things... and me, half asleep, thinking they're little grains of rice... I freak out upon realizing that they're wriggling around! It was funny, and I was afraid to eat leftover rice that day. Oh! Okay, I was thinking it was an abbreviation or slang of some sort-- thanks for clearing that up for me. C:
Ooh, Australia? Did you like it there when you visited? I don't really own a whole lot of dresses either x3
Honeydew is a type of melon, it's a really light color on the outside, and the flesh inside is a light green... normally, when you judge ripeness of a fruit... when you see green, you think "Oh no, that's not ripe yet!" but it is indeed ripe, and it's so sweet! I even prefer it over cantaloupe sometimes. even though it's a bit more expensive here.
-chuckles and pats your shoulder- I know I'm not that near to you... physically, but I can tell you one thing, I really do mean it. <3 So it's no problem, if you ever need to talk, you're more than welcome to.
Hah! I wish more people thought so! DUDE (sorry, I just love that word), we ARE awesome.
Awwh, that's a cute name. My dog's name is Jimmy x3 He's always constantly wanting to be held! lol and I have a tabby cat named Oliver.
Chh... how long, lemme see here. -thinks- I'm guessing 5-6 months? I'm not entirely sure, but I always end up messing them up. D; they so cheap, I think. I'ma try to get some new ones this week.
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Report | 11/21/2010 8:32 pm

Eccentric With Goggles

Mhm, that'd be a treat for sure!~ I liked cream filled donuts and glazed donuts as well, they're nummy. nomnom! 3nodding
For the record, I'm not a big fan for the eight-legged crawlers... xD so that's probably why I don't really like the name. Btw, I've been seeing you type 'ae' a lot, what does it mean exactly? I guess i"m not familar with it, since I've never seen it used xD Sorry about that, just curious.
I want to see and visit other places, though I'm not exactly in the position to be able to. I've actually still live in the same city of my state, of which I was born in! lol. Always been here. Awh, dresses can be nice! I prefer longer sleeved ones, but the style is fading.
I enjoy the crunchy, kind of sour green grapes. Mhm! I love kiwi fruit! I like melon too, like cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew!
I believe everyone has their right to pick what they want to do, or feel, and that's not for anyone else to choose for them. Basically, to each their own. smile Awh.. I'm sorry that they forgot. -hugs close- <3
It's probably cuz I don't wear the more expensive items? xD Yeeah, it's messed up, but they're not worth my time anyway. Wow! So we both have been here for quite some time. 8O
I don't remember much of my dream, but it involved characters from a tv show I watch I think. xD I can't even make a good comment about it since I can't think of what actually occured. Awwh, what's your puppy's name? I have a dog too, and he barely just turned adult. He's a chihuahua mix. Very cute and clingy. And I'm currently just trying to think of a good way I can spend my night... hrm. But I mainly just want some new earphones, since I kinda ruined the one I'm using now. It was only like 2.99 anyway. >.>
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Report | 11/21/2010 2:08 pm

Eccentric With Goggles

Chocolate covered donuts? Ooh~ Now I really want to try them! I've had those before, but the ones we've tried are kind of dry. >.> bleck, so they're not the best.
Wait a minute, they call rootbeer floats... spiders in New Zealand? xD That's quite interesting. I wonder why. I've always thought of them as floats, it's really interesting how things are in different places, huh?
I like CA so much! But I don't know what the beaches are like, personally. And I don't think I'd wear a swimsuit, I'm the type of girl who would just go there with a t-shirt and shorts, lol! It's how I'm most comfortable anyway. I'm wearing some thick socks and a jacket right now. Much warmer... 4laugh
Wow, I never heard of that before xD That sounds interesting! What other type of fruits do you like? I'm glad you agree, I can go on and on about food! There are so many different kinds out there.
Well, it was their decision and beliefs, and it was mainly a religious reason. Hehe, I'll still say things like "Hey, you turned -insert age- today! Yay!" I just don't really say happy b-day or tell them to make a wish, give presents, etc. ...Hm, did you mean a lot more people should celebrate bdays, or that more people shouldn't? Because, in my honest opinion, if more people didn't think of them as a big deal, less people would get hurt when others forget. I dunno, I make light of it, because the date doesn't matter, I care more about the person for who they are, and try to show them that I care every chance I get. I hope i'm not seeming insensitive, uncaring, or confuse you in any way. C:
I don't know anyone I typed this much to on gaia at least xD
Aawh. Thanks! It's nice to keep up with conversation with someone! <3 I think I've been a member since 06', but people still call me a n00b because of the way I dress my avatar? Lol, I'm not the best at making gold is all.
Trains? Well, I dream a lot of weird things too xD I don't remember much of mine today, but my sleep was uninterrupted thankfully! How has your day been lately, hm?
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Report | 11/21/2010 10:47 am

Eccentric With Goggles

xD I know, chocolate is addicting. Oh, I'm guessing you're probably a chocolate chip cookie fan, huh? I am, def., but there's also a cookie I love with white chocolate chips in it. C:
The fizziness feels kinda nice too, that's also why it can be such a temptress xD lol. I also like rootbeer floats, have you tried that before? You know, with the drink and a big scoop of vanilla ontop, mhm.
Ah, I see~ Well, I live in the US, California. 8D That sounds like a beautiful climate and atmopshere! I've never seen the beach, but I heard the CA beaches are nothing to fantasize about. So yeah. XD It only recently starting getting cold over here.
Oranges are good! But in general, I love fruits. <3 Haha, I'm the type of person that ends up talking about food no matter the conversation, lol!
I think their parents celebrated it, but it changed since my parents don't anymore, though they used to, when they were younger. I'm surprised you're so interested though, no one really makes inquiries about what I say. Feels nice. (:
Haha, thanks a bunch! It means a lot for you to say that. I'm also happy that I haven't seen a character limit for comments yet, since I type a lot!
sweatdrop Seriously? Thanks~ Because I've experienced my share of rude peeps, but I try to shrug it off, because I know there's also some really awesome people on here, for instance, you.
Hey, no prob! I just didn't want to seem to disappear or anything. C: Hehe~ I hope you had a good rest!
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Report | 11/21/2010 2:34 am


hey yuuu
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Report | 11/21/2010 12:05 am

Eccentric With Goggles

oh! And one more thing, you can reply to the comment below, but I'm leaving this one to let you know that I won't reply... since i"ll be off the computer and off to bed. xD It's already 12:04, lol. Just wanted to let you know, since I do appreciate your company and all. Leaving abruptly without a goodbye can be rather rude. So G'night or g'day wherever you are! smile heart
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Report | 11/21/2010 12:02 am

Eccentric With Goggles

It was german chocolate cake with fudge frosting! Yuh-huh! What type of cakes do you like btw? I like carrot cake, red velvet, butter pecan, etc. 8D
It really is outrageous! I don't have soft drinks often for that reason, it just feels uncomfortable downing all of that. xD But if I had to pick a favorite, it's rootbeer occasionally.
Where you live... it's summer? Really? Cuz it turned fall last month, over here. C: The vitamin C is orange since it's orange juice flavored, is that what you were asking, the color of, right?
Well, my dad started this tradition of congratulating us that we survived in the world for an extra year, lol. It's actually kind of funny. And nope, they don't celebrate theirs either. ^^
Oh wait, let me stop you right there, lol. I forgot to tell you that my avatar is male, but I'm actually a girl. I'm sorry if that was of any confusion, I should probably add that on profile facts. I'm really sorry about that! But it's nice of you to say that about me, so thank you~
Oh wow, thanks! I enjoy talking with you too, since you reply and you're very nice and interesting. Most people don't care to talk to me xD

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Report | 11/20/2010 11:38 pm

Eccentric With Goggles

Dawh, I wish I could give you some, but even if I could... the cake went pretty fast! I'm going to bake gingerbread cookies sometime this month, but probably in Dec. C: I haven't had any in years!
Yeah, soda can be destructive if not handled in small portions. The sugar amount is crazy when you look at the nutrition facts behind the can!
No one really enjoys being sick D: I haven't gotten sick since... well, I dunno, April or May. I'm just glad the change in weather didn't get me a cold or flu yet. I also take Vitamin C to build my immune system, and they're in this yummy OJ chewy tablet form.
Lol! I love hugs! Nice and warm~
It hasn't been much of a deal for me, since I've been raised that way. My parents don't think b-days are necessary, nor do they believe in it. I don't mind though, because people can show that they care for me any day of the year! Any moment of the day. <3 Thank you, that's nice of you!
Oh really? xD I always have a lot of nonsense to say, it's nice to be able to share it with someone!
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Report | 11/20/2010 11:23 pm

Eccentric With Goggles

I am suddenly craving these chocolate buttons, even though I had a fulfilling slice of double chocolate cake just the other day. xD Can never get too much of chocolate!
I love blended fruit juice, too. And awwh, why not?
Water's best when you need to stay hydrated during the summer, that's a definite! I drink water a lot when I'm sick too, though.
Aw, thanks!~ And... for that day, I got some hugs, actually. <3 I don't really celebrate birthdays though, and the most people I associate with don't even know the day I was born. xD
I actually love long comments!
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Report | 11/20/2010 11:08 pm

Eccentric With Goggles

Chocolate buttons? I'm curious as to what those look like, they sure sound yummy! (They're made of chocolate, right?) -hoping not to sound stupid for the inquiry- Ooh~ coke, I've been drinking water the whole day though, even though it's miserably cold outside, lol. I should probably get some marshmallows and cocoa for my next shopping trip.
Anything new for me? Awh, thank you for asking. Hm... I turned 17 last week. Oh geeze- I can't think of anything much else! Isn't that sad? xD
Awh! Thanks~ you've probably got a much better memory than I do anyway!
Sorry if the comment is kind of long, I get kind of carried away at times!
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