Hello there..I'm deaf when I was born and English is my second. I try hard with my grammar sorry if it's confuse you.


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Aww :3 My cute demon guy he's so cute don't he? heart If you make he unhappy I'll hurt you he's mine my boy chibi demon :3 get it? *glomp on him* X3
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Hey guys dudette/dudes! XD Welcome to my page. ^^
*Dream Avaters* mine heart Please I really want/need them. *puppy eyes*

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My Profile :3
I AM BORN DEAF Real life. X3
Real name: Angeline Dawn Bott~~~ (sorry I can't tell anybody my last name.)
Nickname: angelbott, Blood-death, Death/Hate/End, Bloodrose, Evangeline (my side evil), Angie, Angel, crazy girl/woman, and etc. others.
B-day: 4/30/1990
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Dark Brown like black
Eyes color: Hazel both Brown and Blue (left: Brown/Blue & right:Blue/Brown {Big/Small})
Height: 5'3" 3/4
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac: Horse
Ethnicity: White American/English, Irish, German, American Indian, and other.
Personality: lazy, crazy, loudmouthed, calm, kind-hearted, hyper, funny, gothic/goth, sad, unhappy, stubborn (sometimes), nice, smart, hot-tempered, happy something not much, death (dead in voice), when angry mad (rude/mean, cold, death, and others), idiot, sweet, few others (I forget what I be).
Occupation: High school student (I in 12 grade now 2007-200 cool {{I am gradutioned! whoo!}}, Clown Class (I'm funny person), act person (like evil or gone crazy, drunk, and more other)
Loves/Likes: Anime & Manga, Anime Conventions, Video Games, Sleeping, Real lifes/Onlines friends, play with my dog/puppy, being lazy want nothing do ^^, drawing, nice/kind hearted/sweet/funny/cool people, Vampires, cute chibi arts of anime/manga, ((Coming Soon more))
Hates/Dislikes: Anime/Manga/Video Games haters, school, evil tests/exams/quizzes, noisy-annoy students/peoples, morning, sun, no free times, talking/moving dolls, rude/mean/evil people, no full sleep times T^T, emo haters, ((coming soon more))

WEBSITES What I joined::
http://blood-death.deviantart.com/ {deviantART.com}
ex: = my username
Cosplay.com = angelbott
Photobucket = angelbott
Livejournal = angelbott
Quizilla.com = angelbott
NarutoCentral.com = Bloodrose
eastmeetssouth.com ("East Meets South" see Foums) = angelbott
http://www.imvu.com/catalog/web_mypage.php ("IMUV.com" imuv: My avatar page Guest_angelbott" wink = angelbott

My Wishlists DONE::
((BOUGHTS)) lists= Morgana's Dress, Lovely Genie Black Headpiece, Freddy Claws, Little Black Bat, Ubi Parasol, Wings Side Decal, Skull Eye Patch, Black Tiki Window, Mokona Hat, Young Mrs. Claus' Flared Skirt, Jingle Me Hat, Jolly Hot Cocoa, Rough Black Jeans, Black Zoot Suit Tie, Black Goth Boots, White Class Shirt, Fai Coat, Cary's Guitar, Mimzy Aura, G-LOL Dark Mistress Skirt, G-LOL Dark Mistress Top, Emo Glasses, White Clown Makeup, Charcoal Sketchbook, Gothic Door, Dark Gothic Bookshelf, Natso Honorable Shoji Black Lamp, Angelic Mood Bubble, Eye Bandage, Bloody Eye Bandage, Black Zoot Suit Carlango, Seeing Stone, Sharp Fish Teeth, Deadly Mood Bubble, Mothbite, Ubi Fan, ... Mood Bubble, Angry Vein Mood Bubble, Grace of Eros, Grace of Aphrodite, Imperial Queen, Yama no Tamago, Alruna's Rose 11th Gen, Panda Plushie, Angel Imp Plushie, Devil Imp Plushie,
wahmbulance TRADES wahmbulance
If you want trades items or gold to me:
I want items looking in my wishlist lists.
I'll gives you them items as I not need them okay (you see my stores lists in marketplace) only golds to me if you want items.
TRADE Lists I give them sale like "yard sale" I only agree with golds over 100 : Scion Bling Necklace (x2), Spirited 2k7 Scarf (x1), Spirited 2k7 Socks (x3), Spirited 2k7 Gloves (x2), coming soon more.
heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
wahmbulance UPDATES!!! wahmbulance
12/21/07= I took new piece of earring two in ears (you know 1 ear and 1 ear both earring right?) I never have real earring before until now I have them ^^
1/19/08= OMG!!!!!!!! O__O!! In AL We have snowing!! YAY Snow so pretty snow weather temp: 34 COLD >,< We never have snowing weather in loong 6 years no snow until now snow today O.O fist time have snow cold of 1993 i was 3 years old. few year later I in 4th or 5th grade have snowing. I can't believe in snow coming again here whoa OwO ^^
User Image For need pay to anyone who make art for me and wait for I give them to him. I took them finally today. 1/28 and Finally end.
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Welcome to my crazy journals :3 X3


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