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Hello to all of the lovely people that shall visit my profile heart
My name is Danielle (Pronounced: Dan-yell~not the best way to show my name pronunciation but it still works)
I'm a 18 year old girl who lives in Kentucky.
My birthday is on May 20th (just to let you know ;D).
I LOVE Anime ^^ I'm still discovering new anime that I like and I do read manga as well biggrin Some anime that I've watched: Naruto, One Piece, Zatch Bell, Bo-bo-bo, Rave Master, Pokemon, Yugioh (all~original to zexal), Tai Chi Chasers, Sonic X, etc. (Some may seem like cartoons but still fall under "anime" category) I've read these: Naruto, Pokemon, Kamichama Karin Chu, Shugo Chara, (own smile Fruits Basket, Cardcaptor Sakura (have: Chobits though can't read...v.v) (and maybe others that I can't think of right now... sweatdrop ... )
Anyways I a vampire fanatic! I love the twilight series and the vampire academy series! I'm starting on the Blue Bloods Novels and I've read "Marked" the first to the House of Night series.
I am a bi....
I love yuri... heart redface
wahmbulance Please: DO NOT SEND ME A RANDOM FRIEND REQUEST!!!!! I've been getting a lot and now I'm putting a stop to that! If you wanna be my friend, please SEND ME A MESSAGE!! And get to know me, then send that if you ask and I say so, otherwise it will just be deleted alright? wahmbulance
I'm a kind-hearted and loving girl who is shy but friendly heart
If you wanna know more about me then please don't be afraid to ask me in a pm preferably alright?

Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely day heart
Hope you like my profile! ^^ heart

My Fav. Quote:
"I take leave of my life.
My footsteps carry me
like clouds upon wind,
drifting in the pale light
of the dawning day....
I go in search of adventure." --- Artist: Unknown

Oh and just to let you know.....
I am into hypnosis... just to inform those who read this....


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SakuraAngel20 Report | 06/18/2013 6:47 pm
For those who want to contact me please message me at this account! This account was banned and I haven't been on it in a long time. Message me here on this account if you need me.
Scott Illudus Delial Report | 01/16/2013 4:50 pm
Scott Illudus Delial
I havent gotten anything! Why do i get a gift for being good? -glomp-
Scott Illudus Delial Report | 01/16/2013 4:27 pm
Scott Illudus Delial
Your sales technique needs work. Im not buying it suh! rofl See? Thats funny -hugs- How are you today?
Scott Illudus Delial Report | 01/16/2013 4:21 pm
Scott Illudus Delial
I like to laugh at silly things mister!
Scott Illudus Delial Report | 01/16/2013 4:06 pm
Scott Illudus Delial
rofl That guy is hilarious. rofl
Scott Illudus Delial Report | 01/14/2013 7:20 pm
Scott Illudus Delial
Thank you Miss. heart I like your avi a lot too!
Master Nite Shadow Report | 01/07/2013 1:44 pm
Master Nite Shadow
AngelBlossom18, come back on Gaia Instant Messenger. eek
Le Busty Report | 01/04/2013 11:33 pm
Le Busty
Hi =]
Splediferous Masochism Report | 12/21/2012 9:24 pm
Splediferous Masochism
heart heart heart
Splediferous Masochism Report | 12/10/2012 6:46 pm
Splediferous Masochism


Hope you like my profile! Enjoy~! heart heart heart

Also: If you had me locked up in your room and I had to do whatever you said for 24 hours what would you do to me? Send me your response in a pm 'cause it's a secret ;D


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