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<3 Welcome to Angela's Island <3

Hello, welcome to my page...As you can see I am Angela! I am a huamn being! I'm just 149 years old. Still pretty young, and I love to have fun!! Come join me and my boys for surfin' shota saturdays and sundays on Gaia Online TOWNS!!!!!!

Angela, how to I join your harem of bys??>

Oh ho ho ho! So YOU want to join my fanclub, eh? Well, anyone can be a fan. But if you want to join my harem, that takes some skill. You'll need to prove your as shota-tastic as POSSIBLE!!! fufufufufu! KON! KON! *cough* *gasp*
-ahem-. Well, if you have any queries, don't be afraid to send me a little message. And if you're cute, you might get more than just a reply... heart
Contact me on Tumblr. I much more likely to respond there.

More about me. [Plus a warning]

If you don't like a goofy fox---ahem--young woman talking to you then you had best leave. I'm here to have fun and live this life to the fullest, not to mope around and be a debbie downer. Ever heard of that phrase YOLO? Well, though it's technically untrue, since you are reincarnated after death, it carries with it good sentiment. Live your life with purpose, and also don't forget to let yourself have fun, live, laugh and love. I love the internemt, you guys keep me so young. Kami bless.

Those who come to gaze upon mine beauty...




Acceptable Offerings to the great Angela

[NPC] Peyo