*Slowly the old wooden door opens and a fair maiden steps forth into the soft glow of the moonlight. Her dark hair cascades around her shoulders as her ruby lips curve into a warm filled smile..as her her golden hues sparkle before she speaks*] "Greetings stranger and welcome to my humble home. Please come inside where the fire roars its warmth. Have a seat, there are cookies set out if you are hungry. *the young woman takes to the seat upon the farthest end of the coffee table. * So dear traveler I take it your venture into the darkness isn't for games but to gather information..information that only my story can tell..*smiles* well then allow me to tell you my story..for tis a story indeed. *grabs to a old dusty book that laid upon the table..brushing her fingertips lightly over the leather before opening its yellowing pages "It has been some time now.....but I'm sure I can recall what you are interested in...

Greetings and Warm welcomes. As you can tell I love to roleplay and come up with creative ways to express myself and characters that seem to swarm my brain. Tho i am pretty sure your stalking my page for things about me. Well first off my name is Raven. I am old as dirt, 27 yrs to be exact. I love to draw, watch anime, rave, read (most would say I have my own library haha), veg on the couch, and so much more. I am what you would call a chameleon. My passion for change is forever growing, whether its a new tattoo, piercings, or changing my hair color I am never the same ha ha. I do work during the day hrs between 4am -1pm est. Good luck at guessing what it is I do ^_^. Hey a girl has to keep some secrets right? There is alot more about me but I guess you'll have to ask me to find out more...so for now I shall end my self indulging and leave you to stalk me some more ^_^


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Whatever I feel like and if you read it then awesome sauce if not then eh...


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