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Registered: 06/25/2006

Gender: Female

Location: [C]anada

The Basics |<3|

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Writes; Angel heart aka. DiiAMONDZz
[i've been called Diamondz ever since i was litte. o-o]
ii am straight.
Looks through; Blackish Brown Eyes <3*
Stunned the World on; July 15th
Remebers;13 yrs <3
Brushes;Blackish Brownn haiirr.
Bleeds;West Indian*
Gender; female =]
Stands at; 5'3'*
Phobia: arachnophobia O:

obessions |<3|
music ;
baseketball ;
shopping ;
guys ;
cars ;
photobooth ;


Bored? <3

July 15th is my Birthday<3

[28 Ways To Make a Girl Smile.<3] . [The Truth About Girls.] . [Bored?] . [Ways to Annoy Parents] . [Why boys fall in love with girls] . [50 things that girls don’t know about guys] . [44 Things a Girl Would Die For <33] . [With pizza] . [At a Restaurant] . [Love Story] . [Still bored?] .

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I never let people get to me . If they don't like me, they shouldn't be talking to me. [:
I laugh at the most stupidest, sillest thing ever.
anyone can make me laugh, i love to laugh. =D
Brown Pride. <3
Things I Like: Guys, Internet, Icons, My Family, Poetry And Music.
Things I Hate: People Who Are Racist, People Who Are Prejudice To Gays, Bisexuals, And Lesbians. I Hate People Who Pretend They`re Your Friends, Than Just Beg For Gold (Gaia wise).
My Favourite Colours: Blue, Pink, Honey, Beigy-Brown, White, Gold, Magenta, Silver, Copper, Aqua, Mint And Caramel.<3
I live life for the thrill of living.
I'm very stubborn.
I don't care about many things.
I can be picky at times.
I like to win.
I'm used to losing.

PS. T4LK T0 M3 LYK3 tHIS 4ND I`ll shoot you. Got it? D<
Numbers aren't meant to be in words.
You don't open a book these days and find numbers in the middle of words do you? No. :'D
You have NO right to label.
Even if you know me.
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Angel is questing . Again.

Current quest ; Baby Seal Slippers

Yep, that`s right. She's questing for Baby Seal Slippers.
And as you can probably see, she has an ubber long way to go.
She doesn't really ask for help a lot, but this is one of her toughest quests yet.
That's where your part comes in<3. Any & every donation would be appreciated.
I want the before Christmas.
I know that everyone find it impossible to quest this big
but I believe I can do it with the help of everyone and having confidence in myself <3.
After this quest, I wanted to make a charity or giveaway so I can help everyone that has helped me C:
so please help me finish this quest?

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Help her ? Donate today<3.

Dream Avi ;
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Total Value: 778,972 Gold
After Exclusions: 744,365 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Bone Dragon Helm
Light Gray Leg Warmers
Winter Rose

Baby Seal Slippers -- questing ! scream
Elegant Veil
White Stockings
Drop Necklace
Angelic Camisole
Lex's White Gloves
Silver Bracelet

She started with the Slippers because she knew it was going to be tough and prices will just keep on getting higher and higher by the day ~ !
Sad, huh? Well, she's hoping, to get just a few little donations at least, to be able to afford that.
But, it won't be over after. She`ll still have the angelic camisole left and the rest of the items on the list !
So, the Slippers are the major problem, here. And as you can see, she doesn't have much donators either considering since the day she started.
So~! Help her out?

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Last Time - George


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dark_side1212 Report | 01/02/2008 1:59 pm
love your profile too pm me
clovergreen Report | 09/18/2007 8:46 pm
ur avi rocks!! and good luck with ur dream avi!
dark_side1212 Report | 08/24/2007 8:05 am
lover your avie art
Deadly Tea Report | 08/11/2007 5:00 pm

Nothing much. I so bored. I so...confused. I watched The Shining eariler. It was good.
demon_gawddess Report | 08/10/2007 11:46 pm
User ImageD


I dunno.

Haha, I don't know if I could even manage that!

LOL, I like the wall.

Swimming in what?

No, capes are dangerous. Have you never seen The Incredibles?

Horah! Watch out for the jet planes!

Ooo! What kind of theme song?

What about our planet? No, you're right. It's too late for our planet to be saved.
D0PAMINES Report | 08/08/2007 11:00 am
    <img style="float:left;" src="" border="0" />

    LOL, oh my gawd, someone....

    is following ME.


Deadly Tea Report | 08/04/2007 9:37 pm

Well, I'm a sensitive gurl; A deep thinker. You know?

I LOVE to draw and read. I read about half of my time.

And some times I'll read anime. But I'll just read about anything...

Me favourite colours are red, green, turquoise, and teal. X3

And, dunno. My profile says alot about me...
Joo Bear Report | 08/04/2007 7:13 pm
Yes, you do pwn my comment box. xD;;

No kidding, hackers are bid meanie heads. D<

Thanks for eating them for me. =D

But I've been thinking that I might not have been hacked because a friend of mine who was also supposedly hacked the same time that I was said that someone just sent a kind of a PM to a bunch of different accounts and changed our personal info. so that now we can't enter our accounts or recover them at all.

Right now I'm trying to find someone that can hopefully help me recover the password.

If you know of anyone, could you let me know? ^ _ ^


Sorry for the long reply. ^^;;

That's true.

Otherwise the world would be pretty boring. User Image

Yeah, but I'm a teenager I should have more guts like your little cousin. xP

Haha, I mostly like the earrings too, out of all the jewelry. ^ _ ^

Totally, the purses pwn all. <33

Makes me jealous of my friend who seems to come to school everyday with a different Chanel purse.

They aren't like the real deal, but they're still pretty. ; ___ ;

Well, you know that commericials always stretch the truth.

Those ebil things! Rawr! >B
SaikoTaiko Report | 08/03/2007 5:48 pm
XP Thank you. Dude I love that emote XD Oh oh! I've gotten a pixie cloak User Image me loves it so much! User Image
Hana Kuromi Report | 08/03/2007 5:37 pm
Thanks!.. Uhh.. kuromi loves your avi art.

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