Dear wanderers who discover my profile,

Allow me to give you a good tip for life: "You can always go further than you expect."
When you think you are at the end, as long as you don't give in, you'll impress yourself.

~Speaking from experience.

Now about me!

I love videogames, anime, music and art. I'm open, friendly, and I'll try pretty much anything. I'm always up to roleplay, so shoot me a PM if you're looking for a pal. I'm pretty adaptable and accepting to anything so don't feel shy and ask me.

~My life is an act, the world is my stage


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chubby nugget

Report | 09/08/2017 11:52 am

chubby nugget

I'm just really desperate for a job crying I'll work anywhere that hires me.
Having a food handlers card opens more doors for me
chubby nugget

Report | 09/05/2017 9:08 pm

chubby nugget

That's still cool! I miss the role playing days. Those were peaceful times.
I agree! I love watching Disney shorts and movie shorts all the time whee
IT does suck :C Food handlers license is for like.. working at Mcdonalds or any restaurant in general Dx
chubby nugget

Report | 09/05/2017 7:41 pm

chubby nugget

You still rp? That's so cool I'm jealous. I haven't rp'd in ages I'm probably not good at it anymore.
YEAH Me too, I really loved the short films. They're so cute.
I'm doing alright too! Trying to fit into the adult world and get a job! I'm working on getting my food handlers card 3nodding
chubby nugget

Report | 09/05/2017 7:29 pm

chubby nugget

Yeah I've been going on gaia a lot more often now.
I love Little witch Academy it's one of my favorite animes right now!
Thank you for the comment, I love hearing from old friends. emotion_kirakira How have you been?

Report | 08/03/2017 2:44 am


Thank you for buying hope to do business again

Report | 08/02/2017 9:25 am


Thank you for your purchase! heart

(And what a lovely profile, might I add)
KC Electric

Report | 04/07/2016 5:03 pm

KC Electric

Hey, no problem!

Report | 04/07/2016 9:07 am


Haha, hey I'm just sayin'. razz

Ah yeah, I saw that on your profile :3 I've never RP'd myself, but only because I'm a terrible procrastinator and a little forgetful... I feel like I would leave people hanging all the time haha sweatdrop But wow o.o yeah, with that many nieces and nephews you would have to be a good story teller! Lol the kids must love you a lot for it. Lemme guess... you're the family babysitter most of the time? 3nodding

And it's true, people do want to be more open; you wouldn't believe how many crazy experiences I've had with people I just met at a bus stop back there. And my theory is that it's easier for those people to be open because it's your typical "resort town"; everyone's on vacation and/or in a sports profession like mountain biking, skiing, kayaking, snowmobiling---if you can name it, people are probably doing it. It's an outdoor enthusiast's dream heart heart

Lol right? However, I'd be ready to fight to the death about it, I'm just sayin'..... ninja

Lol that's cute, your aunt sounds just like a mom to you xD But I think at a certain age, it's important to let young adults do as they please and figure it out for themselves.... and omg, I know I'm such a hypocrite for saying that, 'cause I'll probably do that when I'm older and have kids, but still... it's important to forge your own identity as soon as an opportunity for independence presents itself.
And It's not that I hate my dad for trying to be over-protective or anything like that, I'm just disappointed and really angry that he's a mean, violent, and completely irrational drunk... you can give me advice on my life and I might even listen and agree, but don't expect that belittling, degradation, and threats will make me feel more inclined to do as you say. I know why my brother and mother put up with him, but it's the most pathetic reason... I love them so much, but they just can't let go of their vices, no matter how many tears and genuinely worried thoughts I shed for them.

*squeals* Dude, that story is soooo cute >w< She must've been having a really rough day, good thing you were there for her... Do you guys still talk to each other at all? surprised

And... wait...... m-ma'am..? o.o Did you mean me?..... I'm only 24 thoughhh....awkward. *sits in a corner and sobs* TT^TT

Report | 04/06/2016 9:07 pm


yes i try word on it n.n those items look so cute cmyk im add those on my wishlist

Report | 04/06/2016 9:02 pm


If you get any more, let me knows. I'm buyin moar.



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