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Gender: Male

Birthday: 02/25



Hey there stranger!

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* Carlo Angel * Psychology Student * Seventeen * Feb. 26 *

Send me some love? ♥

─ Live in the country named Philippines.
─ Love playing computer, reading books, playing with my pet and sleep? Haha,
listening to music and chatting with my friends!
─ Like random stuffs, kittens, cake, ice cream and HUGS!
─LASTLY, I love a person named YOU! heart


Status: Happy. cat_biggrin

i'm an ordinary boy but some people say I'm weird.
a boy born under an unlucky star
i lurve ANIME and MANGA 3nodding
picky when it comes to food :3
i love sweets and cold stuff!& i space out sometimes xp
i love cats! cat_blaugh

~other about myself~

I'm not the boy that you see in the magazine
Perfect face and perfect body
Never be anyone but the one I am, what I am
I can't bend to your expectations
Look to fulfill any fantasy
If what I am is what you need

Love me for me
And not for someone I would never be
Cause what you get is what you see
And I can't be anymore than what I am
Love me for me
Or don't love me

Don't think you're gonna change what's inside of me
Make me who you want me to be
Won't be someone I'm not
Somebody else, someone else
Love me with all my imperfections
Not for an image of your design
Love me for what you see inside

(and also other,)

i just do ,,wat i want.
its not about wat ppl are saying
its about me. p
pl are always gonna talk
and to tell you the truth ,,,

(i love it)

i love the attention .
i do what i do because
puts a smile on my face..

i am the author of my life..
. unfortunately ,,i am writing in
and i cant erase my mistakes

I am me, I am who i am I do what makes me happy, I live for me, not you. You may not agree with me but I'm not seeking your approval. I'm happy with all that I am. Got it?