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hmm... i'm a lot of things, but being a backstabber and a user is never one of them. i love to read! heart <<< very very much i love to listen to music and sing along <<< torturing my brother in the process blaugh did i mention i write? cat_surprised i do, but rarely, only when the "mood" strikes me cat_lol

i am a very moody person >>> my friends pointed out that i exhausted them so much, it ended up me being bitched xp hehe~ i guess the caffeine has its play, not coffee though, i drink tea alot. i drink it like water. >>> my mom said i shouldn't drink so much 'cause it wont help with my irregular cycle *i freaking hate it* cat_stressed

music... i listen to anything that i like. i used to love classical music, now i'm so influenced that i rarely listen to it much less really love it the way i used to. now i like listening to 3OH!3 and Linkin Park. majority of my playlist is Coldplay, Linkin Park, Pink The Script. hehehe~ cat_3nodding

I LOVE MOVIES! we have so many dvds and cds from movies that we love so much! my favorites are Alice in Wonderland and the Pirates of the carribean <<< mostly because i am a total Depp fan cat_rofl kyaaahh~!! heart heart heart

well... this is all me! hope your not weirded out >>> 'caues my friends claim i am a bona fide weirdo hehehe~ but they'd always laugh everytime they say that. cat_whee I LOVE MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!! cat_rofl cat_4laugh blaugh wahmbulance emotion_yatta emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart


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Naive: My Experience with a Backstabber

honestly, in every person's life there would be that one person who just hurts you so much, far worse than what an enemy can do to you.


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Ethram Advon Caine Report | 12/29/2015 1:43 am
Ethram Advon Caine
Cool avi
PowerPax Report | 12/28/2015 3:43 am
Just got some gold off your aquarium via your watermeat, thanks for that!
Angstbucket Edgelord Report | 04/10/2013 12:49 pm
Angstbucket Edgelord
Could you please send me the revised PM? This request should entirely your own work. Thanks.
Angstbucket Edgelord Report | 04/09/2013 5:00 pm
Angstbucket Edgelord
Hi, I much appreciate your interest in the guild. However, something's missing in your join request. Why don't you think it over and PM me with a revised version? I'd be more than willing to accept.

Raiden Von Requia Report | 07/26/2009 10:05 pm
Raiden Von Requia
Theorix Report | 07/26/2009 5:18 pm
No clubs yet, I've tried out for table tennis (redgbunrbhreoib)
I plan on joining the Book Lovers Club, if there is any, for the aircon cool
Theorix Report | 07/26/2009 6:11 am
We're 32 in a class, smallest one, to be exact x3
We have like, 17 girls and 15 boys.
Well, at least it's equal.
Let me guess your section, it's Ocampo, isn't it? 8D
Theorix Report | 07/26/2009 1:02 am
I'm fine, you?
Are you still in Diliman? :3
Kasu Yoshi Report | 06/06/2009 12:55 am
Kasu Yoshi
Thanks for buying.
ii love music Report | 06/05/2009 2:10 pm
ii love music
thanks for the comment


Reading is sanctum.
Writing is my medium


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