What's crackin'? My name is Andy(obviously).
Right now, I'm killin' it in school, and workin' on myself.
I like to keep it classy. I'm actually a really polite person
Don't judge me until you've taken it all in.
If you are ignorany, please stay far away from me.
I'm socially awkward, and unfriendly.
There's a 95% chance I won't read your message.
My goal is to become that person in your life;
that you never forget. You can hate me or love me as long as
you remember me forever. I'm not plastic, nor perfect...
I'm normally multitasking...not ignoring you. Bottom-line.
Get to know me. I'll let you in if you try, it takes a while
to gain my trust, but I am extremely talkative.
I'm also quite loud in the long run if you get to know me
well, but I listen. Listening is what I'm best at.
Please do not obsess over how 'hot' your significant other is
to me. I find this very unattractive and irritating.
And please do not automatically assume that I'm like
in love with you when I flirt with you one time. I'm sort
of whore-ish so I flirt with everyone. Also, if you happen
To have a problem with my 'style choices' or my tendency
to cuss, I honestly could care less about your opinion.
So keep your 'concerns' to yourself thankyouverymuch
I'm very much more than some typed paragraph.

And I just looked at her...
"You better stfu unless you wanna get punched ._. "
- Alex <3 (inside joke LULZ)~ I love Alecks :3


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xXL Lawliet OfficialXx

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xXL Lawliet OfficialXx

That's nice. 3nodding
xXL Lawliet OfficialXx

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xXL Lawliet OfficialXx

K xd
xXL Lawliet OfficialXx

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xXL Lawliet OfficialXx

Thanks 4 the Add xd

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Hey Andy messege me when u can