欢迎 到我的侧面

Dear people... i just reactivating this old account ( actually got unbanned smile )
big thanks to kiri and litha who help me

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my name is anderson u can call me anderz
etnic: japanese taiwanese

i love
-kawai anime and chibis
-car modificator
-speed addict emotion_dowant
-european(Vw Golf mk6) and japanese car lover
-DJ and trance music lover also mashup things
- seeking a new technology and news
-vending and hoards
-kitteh and dawgs
-polite peoples

im used to be a silent type but sometimes im talkative
i love running around virtual hollywood & rally emotion_awesome

im friendly
u can chat and ask me anything smile

i didnt accept beggar emotion_donotwant

arts by friend

by guardian yi
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by yuli
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