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BL Video Game : Togainu no Chi
Character Name: Shiki / Akira
Music : -----
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Hello, Thank You for coming to my Profile!
In case your wondering, Yes, =^w^=// I Made This Profile myself.~
--However, It's REALLY old... I made it RIGHT before I left Gaia way long ago, so It's really, outdated. LOL... Soon, I shall make a brand new one and shall show off my new and improved graphic making skills! lol... cat_4laugh

Please feel free to stop by at My Store for some goodies! ^^
I have been gone for a very, very, VERY long time.
So long in fact, that I just had to contact gaia to unlock my account because I was inactive for so long! LOL...

But now, I'm finally back and am getting back into the groove of things! ehehehe... Please treat me kindly. I'm a noob all over again. cat_blaugh

If you're so inclined please help me on my quests?
I'm going to pick up where I left off!! cat_4laugh

Any help is so deeply appreciated!
Arigatou Gozaimasu

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....Or click ~HERE~

These are all the Kind people that helped me on my previous quests.

.::.A little about myself.::.

I'm an Animeholic and Manga-freak.
I'm am completely Obsessed with Yaoi!!!
I might come off a bit harsh but I won't actually bite your head off or anything. I'm just being assertive. LOL
I like to make magic in graphics.
I was hacked once. (This is my main now but it was originally my second back-up account)
I do get annoyed easily. cat_stare

I DO NOT accept random friends requests. Sorry.

I LOVE cats!
I LOVE dogs!
I see no point to picking a 'side' in loving pets. I have both and they're both so precious~ heart


Oh my god! I've become such a sap as of late! I cry for sad Anime. I cry for sad parts in books.... and I cry for sad movies. I don't mean blubbering crying I just get teary eyed. Ahhh..... Age... it sure gets you in different ways... cat_lol


To my most beloved baby Kyo.
My Beautiful Baby boy Passed away....
He used to love to be both outside and inside. One day, he came inside and was dejected... only to quickly become sick. We rushed him to the veterinary hospital by my house but... it was too late.
The Veterinarian said that it...whatever it was that he ate outside, got stuck in his intestines. So i had to make the awful decision to put him to sleep.
I miss him very much. He was barley a Year old. I will always think of him.
I guess it's a little odd but I have his Ash's with me. It was an option that Animal Hospital had so, My big sister did it for me.
I Will Always Think of him and Miss Him! May i See You Again at the "The Rainbow Bridge " one day...

~Kyo **RIP**
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August 23,2007 8:35pm


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Andromeda's Journal

My Notebook of Randomness! - Feel free to post a comment.~<3

The Randomness of my Mind. Also a little Info...



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j a r y n a

Report | 04/29/2015 8:05 pm

j a r y n a

Hello! And you're welcome! Enjoy heart

Report | 04/29/2015 4:24 pm


You are so welcome. Enjoy heart

Report | 04/29/2015 4:21 pm


Send me a labeled trade. 3nodding
Basic Betty 101

Report | 11/18/2014 7:34 pm

Basic Betty 101

Thanks for your purchase!

Report | 10/13/2014 3:03 am


you are welcome smile

Report | 10/11/2014 11:16 am


I know right? Some people I know spent quite some time filling out that ticket lol. I've stopped watching anime and reading manga. I'm just too busy these past years. Plus I play more video games and that alone takes up much of my time. But new friends are great! I make new friends at the college I go to.

Hey work = money and that's way more important! Haha 3 of my other friends still get on here, but we casually get on here. Not like before where we spent hours on this site getting so little gold. I was surprised you went on here. I assumed after being away for several years everyone would be gone haha.

The tanks and booty grabs are practically useless now haha. The best way to get gold is by spending real money and that's no bueno at all. Yeah I feel bad for them too, but what can you do? I remember when making 1 mill was so damn hard. *Cries self to sleep*

Report | 10/09/2014 3:34 pm


Gaia unlocked every locked accounts now lol.

So you work AND go to school? Sounds tough : ( Hope you're taking care of yourself since you're doing a lot. Haha that's good to hear. Some people never change and that's good! Well sometimes lol.

Yeah it's really ridiculous! I took a really long break, but I got back to Gaia a few weeks ago : P Not too active since I'm busy studying for exams. I just log on to check my messages and whatnot.

Google is your best friend wink That's what I used and of course I asked people in the question forum XP

Report | 10/08/2014 2:07 pm


It's been really long. Fortunately for me, my account wasn't locked. But till then did you work with another account? Life is so-so. I'm in college and the science courses I'm taking are tough. How have you been?
x- Yuki no Tenshi

Report | 05/26/2010 8:40 pm

x- Yuki no Tenshi


hows you? :3

Report | 04/29/2010 12:38 pm


Totally missed your comments ahaha, until like right now. Ya, I see you on FB every once in a while xD Yea, I checked my profile on a different computer, it's my wide screen that's throwing everything out of whack *goes back to drawing board*


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