Let's see.

My name is Samantha but I go by Sam. My gender is Androgynous, meaning I don't go with either gender but with both male and female, or even neither. Please, don't use she/her/her'/he/him/himself/herself pronouns. I'd rather just have Sam/Sam's/Sam's-self.

I'm a strong support of LGBT*Q+ (Everyone forgets the * and Q+). So yes, I support Gay Marriage but I support HUMAN RIGHTS. Everyone human deserves His/Her/Ze rights. Doesn't matter whether we are black, brown, white, green, yellow, straight, bi, gay, pan, gender-queer, etc. We all deserve those rights because we are HUMAN. (I think Aliens even deserve the same rights, well, if they were real. XD )

Or, you can go to my Tumblr and ask or just look around there and see everything about me.