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Welcome to my art diary, where you get a behind-the-scenes look into the artwork I do for others here on Gaia. Join along in my creative process, The Magical Gaian Crew, and any other fun or notable events occurring!


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I go by a few names depending on what platform we're on, but here you can refer to me as my Magical Gaian's name, ANCA. I'm a young flower lady who loves many, many things. Drawing and figure photography are my main hobbies. I'm also very passionate and a natural-born hyperactive fangirl, too! I could rattle your ear off (or in this case, your eyes), but if you choose to get to know me, you'll learn much more about who I am. also I'm unsure of how to format such a long part so there, lol

I was bribed to join Gaia by my older sister back in 2013. While this place has certainly gone through such a damaging dark age that now it's sort of laughed at whenever you mention its name, I really, truly love Gaia. It is very fun, there are some amazing people on here, and it is a very creatively stimulating place. The diverse multitude of creative imaginations that can be found here is so exciting for me!! For that reason, I love doing art for other people on here. You can check out my progress in these artworks at my art diary (aka journal)!

Okay, well if there is one thing about myself that I can share with you all, I'm mainly about these three things ... Jesters, magical girls, and robot husbandos.

As long as you're not a manipulative sociopath, always feel free to reach out to me anytime!! heart


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The leader of this group of Magical Gaians.
She is 21 years old. Originally from Durem, Anca is very compassionate and gentle in nature about serving others with genuine selflessness and help guide younger Gaians with the wisdom she's received from her years of being a Magical Gaian. She can be a pushover and has a difficult time saying no, even when it's at the cost of herself. Her abilities are derived from different species of roses, red roses being her most seen kind of magic. She takes on a lot of responsibility as a leader and will do anything to see through whatever task is at hand.

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The former leader of this group of Magical Gaians in the distant past, who now takes the role of second-in-command. She is younger than Anca, being 19. Dreamer shares Anca's compassion for others, and she is very enthusiastic (sometimes hyper) about it. She relishes in making new friends and learning new things about Gaia and life. Her home is in Barton. Despite her seemingly charismatic charm and energy, Dreamer battles with her subconscious selfish desires and sometimes acts on them both willingly and without even thinking about it. It has caused her great turmoil with past ex-friends, and she struggles to like herself.
Dreamer, like her alias, is reflective of her dream-based abilities.

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A more quiet girl from Barton, Mariee is 12 years old. She has always been considered to be quite the oddball due to her very abstract imagination, which manifests in her transformed limbs and bizarre familiars she's able to spawn. She will open up when she's around the right people, showing herself to be quite dedicated to her - rather peculiar interests and being with her friends. She is the youngest of the Magical Gaians. Because of this (as well as her powers), she has issues with feeling like an outcast based on previous experiences.
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The oldest out of all the Magical Gaians, being 27 years old. She hails from the far northside of Gaia. Her incredible immunity to the absolute zero kind of cold reflects in her background and transformed form. In contrast, she gets hot really easily. As the oldest, she enjoys counseling her younger Gaians and even their leader, but at times she can come off as quite stern and austere, turning some away from wanting to open up to her. It's left her quite lonely at times.
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Another young member of the Magical Gaians, being only 14. Sissu is much more of a disparity compared to other Gaians, being quite selfish and very ravengous. Food and comfort are her main motivations, but she has displayed signs of caring for the other party out of a mutual relationship. She'll even share her food with those she considers "dope." Despite her two-sided coin and greed, she is very much a valued member for having a good balance in both strength and speed. Her arms allow for super human capabilities, and her ability to morph parts of her body into blades allows for her weight to be light in order to create swift attacks. When you get to know her, she can be fun to be around, and quite entertaining.
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MORBO. (name to be changed)
One of Petite Mariee's distant friends from their early elementary school days, who is now 13. Morbo is mute and a mime of stars. She can manipulate star energy into fantastical displays of firework-like light, as well as use her mime-based abilities for some pretty hilarious battle tactics. In secret, Morbo is rumored to get her powers from a higher being she worships, considered to be a devil of light that comes from a different realm and dimension from Gaia.


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luvlee_x Report | 12/01/2020 2:11 pm
It's easier for me to gift through games. Don't have a lot of money to spend, thankfully we do Secret Santa so everyone gets a gift from someone and no one has to buy a gift for everyone.
GalateasFire Report | 12/01/2020 2:26 am
I would LOVE that! We can exchange them. biggrin I love alcohol markers so smooth. I've been getting SketchBox to help me get motivated and creative again and this last one was really cool! It is a watercolor set but not your traditional has watercolor paper, gouache, watercolor paintbrushes (the plastic refillable kind), watercolor crayons, which I am not all that fond of , watercolor pencils and the best thing is the water color powder!! You dust it over your wash that you have laid down and it has the most fantastic, intense color and patterns! Anyway, I don't know much about watercolors but I am really enjoying learning about them! biggrin I can't wait to see your new artwork!!

Oh yes, my hospitality friends have had a very tough time of it. sad All my artist buddies and anyone that has to deal with people daily...its been so tough. We've been trying hard to band together (but you know, distantly) and support each other through it.

Oh, those both sound fun. I am still trying to finish Breath of the Wild and I will probably end up replaying all the Witcher games because I am obsessed...OR maybe it is time to read all the books. XD
luvlee_x Report | 11/29/2020 12:19 pm
I'm the same, I just love gifting friends on their birthday and posting in their comments lol.
My birthday was great, my family surprised me with a cake and FaceTime with siblings and cousins lol.
Which I didn't think it would happen because of Covid lol.
GalateasFire Report | 11/28/2020 5:04 pm
That is excellent news! Both about the commission and about regulation of positive physical and mental heath!! biggrin We are working like normal here...benefits of working for local government/the state I guess. I haven't done any new artwork in forever...just haven't been able to get in the right mood for it. I have been playing a lot of video games, though since I finished this last one, I might take a break. I would love to get back into traditional art.

How is the art going, have you updated any of your online galleries lately? I would love to see your new work.
GalateasFire Report | 11/28/2020 10:58 am
Hey back! Miss you too! I hope all is well? It is good here. Enjoying some days off of work, which I definitely needed. smile
luvlee_x Report | 11/25/2020 10:53 am
OMG Thank you so much! This made my day.
GalateasFire Report | 02/29/2020 6:05 am
Saw your post, all I can say for that is YAY!!!! I know it is such a relief when things start getting put back into balance. heart heart
I hope you are having a good weekend!
Rachnera Arachnera01 Report | 02/06/2020 9:12 am
Happpppppppyyyyyy Birthdayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GalateasFire Report | 01/03/2020 10:52 am
Happy Friday! I hope you are having a wonderful Day and I wanted to say that you are awesome.
Reika-Mitsuki Report | 12/18/2019 1:11 pm
I just saw that i shouldn't have mentioned Optimus sweatdrop but you lured me with that pic post rofl


"You can be the rose among a sea of thorns.
Remain vibrant and beautiful, so that weary travelers may find solace within their suffering.

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