only like naruto/anime and other things
my name is: sasuke uchiha
live:leaf village
my goal:To kill my older brother itachi
Who i love: sasuke05442
now the real story:
i spent my life training to kill my older brother i will not die untill i kill him he kiled my clan and i will kill him for doing that i train day and night to kill him sometime's i train till my hand is bloody from punching a tree to long i dont care what anybody tell's me i will train till i kill itachi i sware. i am an anbu level ninja it toke me many years to get there.I am a dark and serious kid that makes me look cool only cares about revenge and to do this i need to become strong,very strong my biggest rival is naruto uzumaki. I dont really like anything and i hate almost everything (exapt my gf and my friend) i only have one thing on my mind all the time revenge and thats all i can say for now.