Hi my name is Andrea (but I have many names that I go by apparently) and I'm 21 but thats nothing important, really. I work and go to school. I am taken so guys or girls please dont hit on me and even if I was single I wouldn't virtually date you anyways since this isnt a DATING site. I dont mind chatting but just for game purposes if you ACTUALLY know me. This avi used to go by Risu Kuiin but I had to have a make over (Squirrel Queen) since my squirrel obsession phase is now over, I was obsessed. Was. I even made a squirrel website. I know crazy. I still like squirrels but ever since I meet a pet squirrel I wasn't interested in obsessing over them anymore. Now that I have a cat, I'm now a cat person and love cats. Especially the mysterious blacks ones.