The Easter Bunny is awesome and I will kill you if you say otherwise. heart


Name: Anaella/ Haniel (explained in bio)
Nicknames (if applicable): Ana, Anael
Age: Unknown
Species: Angelic cyborg bunny
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Height: Approx. 4 and a half feet
Weight: 90 pounds
Distinguishing features: Her eyes are disconcertingly large, unblinking and glow a faint red. There are small glowing red gems embedded in her forehead, the center of her chest, her shoulders and her wrists that are used to focus her magic. She also has only one pink angel wing, the other was lost in an explosion.
Build of body: Very tiny and delicate looking, the vibe of a porcelain doll.
Posture: There is a proud elegance to her, with a slight joyful bounce in her steps.

Hometown: Heaven
Current residence: An apartment in Aekea
Occupation: When not busy at E-Corp she runs assassination jobs.
Native language: French
Other languages spoken: English
Style of speaking: Her manner of speaking is very sweet and overly happy but subtly rings hollow. It's as though it were all an act, though few will notice it right away.
Volume of voice: Very soft and gentle most of the time, until she starts issuing orders.

Likes: Edged weapons, high airy places (mountains in particular), working on machines, the thrill of battle, flowers, exploring new places
Dislikes: Ranged weapons (she finds them too impersonal to be considered a true weapon), cowards, anyone defying her will, pessimists, sand, demons
Fears: Being a failure in the eyes of the Easter Bunny. Is claustrophobic (hence all but the main walls being knocked down in her apartment). Ticking sounds.
Hobbies/past times: Singing, baking, fishing, practising her egg painting/hiding skills, stalking the Easter Bunny
Pet peeves: She absolutely hates it when anyone treats her as handicapped because of her lost wing or suggests a mechanical replacement. Anyone saying the slightest negative thing about the Easter Bunny. Being reminded that she's technically not really a bunny.
Pets: A pair of little Rabbots named Sugar and Spice and a live bunny named Bonbon.
Talents: Being of Angelic origin she has natural healing powers that she activates by singing, though she uses them very rarely. Can repair robots and machines, including herself provided she retains enough functionality to do so.
Personal goals: To make the entire world of Gaia bow down in adoration before the Easter Bunny, no matter the cost.

General attitude: Very bubbly and oozing with positivity and joy.
Religious values: By angelic instinct she tries to be virtuous and radiate with divine love, but her trauma and madness have corrupted her understanding of just what that means.
General intelligence: Has a great understanding of battle tactics, but is a bit lacking in common sense when it comes to normal daily activities and can sometimes come off as air-headed at first.
General sociability: She's generally quite friendly with everyone but does not become "close" or attached to others easily.
Energy level: Quite high but not to the point of being annoying.
Eating habits: She doesn't actually need to eat nor can she taste anything, but can often be found munching on carrots.
Bad habits: Tends to nibble on her own wing when she's feeling anxious or agitated.

Family: Jophiel (older sister)
Enemies (and why): Jophiel, for whom Anaella has nothing but jealousy and loathing for due to her being more beautiful and successful. She also hates a certain red-haired angelic bunny for poking fun of her flat-chest. Diedrich.
Friends: None for the moment.
Best friend(s): None.
Love interest (if there is one): None. She has only eyes for EB, but does not feel worthy enough to actively pursue him.
General relationship and attitude towards EB: She is loyal to him to the point of fanaticism and would obey any order from him without question, even if he wanted her to destroy herself. She believes the world would be a better place if everyone were united under his rule and that he can do no wrong. Being the Captain(this is technically the incorrect term but whatevs) of the Bunny Brigade and a general leader of E-Corp while he's away, her dealings with him are largely formal.

Weapon(s) of choice: Ancient Katana and cake (INB4 'THE CAKE IS A LIE' JOKES)
Fighting style: Deceit is her greatest tool in killing enemies. Her sweet and cute demeanour are ultimately a ruse to trick others into letting their guards down around her. She favors poisons and will try to tempt others into eating poisoned confectioneries she has baked. Failing that, her speed with the sword can be quite deadly for the unwary. Though she can't fly, she can use her remaining wing to control her falls and to kick up dust into the eyes of her foes.
Strengths: Very quick and agile, with a surprising amount of physical strength despite her tiny frame thanks to all the mechanical upgrades she's had.
Weaknesses: She's a glass canon: hits hard but is a bit on the fragile side and can't take a lot of damage. She's also a bit naive and fairly easy to manipulate into doing something if she is made to believe the Easter Bunny wills it.

General Biography: Anaella was once an angelic being named Haniel. She was a sickly child and not allowed far from her home, spending most of her time reading about the world she could not explore. Over time she fostered an intense hatred for her elder sister Jophiel, who had everything she did not: strong health, beauty, freedom and the admiration of others.

She remembers little else of her past, the reason being quite simply clock eggs. When the Easter Bunny sent them out to everyone, Jophiel complained that the loud ticking sound they made was annoying and, out of spite, Haniel begged her parents to collect more of them for her. By the end of it she had hundreds of them, and when those bombs went off the result was quite catastrophic.

She does not know what became of her family, all she knows is that the explosion blasted her out of the heavens and dropped her onto Gaia. She was found by E-Corp, nearly dead and burned beyond repair, and they rebuilt her into a largely mechanical cyborg. This new body gave her everything she had ever wanted all at once and she immediately swore her undying loyalty to the one responsible for the corporation that gave this to her. She renamed herself Anaella and worked her way through the ranks to eventually take on a leadership role.

To this day she remains ever thankful to the Easter Bunny for destroying the empty shell of her former self and giving her new life.

General Personality: The first impression she typically gives others is that of a very outgoing and kind person, if a bit fixated with the Easter Bunny. She can be very generous and patient with others, and you would not at all believe she is capable of harming a fly. This remains mostly true, so long as she doesn't find a reason to think you're an enemy. Which could be anything really, as the trauma she went through has left her just a wee bit unhinged. Bringing up said trauma or implying that the Easter Bunny should be punished for what happened to her is usually met with a sudden desire to bake you a cake.

Having been isolated from the world much of her life, she is easily amazed by the simplest things and often takes anything that others say in a literal manner. It's also led to her being a bit naive and she gets frustrated when others shoot down her idealistic outlook. In that sense she is very child-like. She tries her best to be a pillar of strength for her fellow hench-hares during difficult times and firmly believes that they can accomplish anything together.

On the battlefield she is far more fearsome and merciless than one would expect, but still eerily joyful and sweet. There is no sympathy in her biomechanical heart for anyone who would choose to stand against her master.