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heey my name is ana(: im in L.A. babyy(; im crazy, fun, and cool to hang out widd<3 im curently single... and LOVING every minute of it(: im absolutely in LOVE widd these 3 people: Nicki Minaj, EmInem, and Lil Wayne<3 music is ma lifee(: aim: kndspongebob im 1_ hahaha if u wanna knoe u gotta ask ;D well thats about all i can think of right now , OH yeah and the day i make a wish is September 19<3(; ahah kay if there is anything else , please feel free to assk(: PEACE.♥ ♥
--"Call me a slut, call me a whore, if u dont like me there's the door. call me anorexic, call me fat, i can put it on or i can lose that. call me annoying, call me dumb, excuse me miss I'm having fun. call me a flirt, call me a fake, that's just me so give me a break. call me weird, call me a geek, call me what you want, I'm just unique"

-- "I don't care if you're black, white, straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich or poor. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Simple as that." - Eminem

"SEX is a sensation caused by temptation when a guy sticks his location in a girls destination to increase the population of the next generation do you get my explaination or do you need a demonstration? "

"Remember when getting high meant swinging on the playground?
When protection meant wearing a helmet.
And the worst thing you could get from boys were cooties.
Race issues meant who ran the fastest.
War was a card game, and drugs were cough medicines.
The only things that hurt you were skinned knees and goodbye only meant for tomorrow.
After a while, you learn the difference between holding hands and falling in love. You begin to learn the kisses don't always mean something. Promises can be broken just as quickly as they are made. And goodbyes really are forever." - annoymous

Roses are red. Violets are blue. He is for me and not for you. So if by chance you take my place, i'll take my fist and smash your face (:
Boy: would you wear socks if you didn't have feet?
Girl: ah no...
Boy: Then why do you wear a bra?" *boy starts to laugh *
Girl: why do you wear pants?
Boy: ...
║██║ i love listening
║(o)║ to my i pod!<3
when a guy says your HOT
he's looking at ur body
when a guy says your PRETTY
he's looking at ur face
when a guy says ur BEAUTIFUL
he's looking at your heart


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Kalin Izinski Report | 10/27/2014 2:46 am
Kalin Izinski
miss u
Dixion Cider Report | 08/10/2014 11:08 pm
Dixion Cider
Heyy!! wink
x-AyeKatie-x Report | 05/26/2012 5:24 pm
o; Get ur a** on here girl!! <33
Armando Suarez Report | 05/08/2012 4:07 pm
Armando Suarez
oh danm(; & Its Ok (^.^)/
Armando Suarez Report | 05/08/2012 3:29 pm
Armando Suarez
Without me://?? & Dnt exagerate D; Lmaoo ♥
Armando Suarez Report | 05/07/2012 3:48 pm
Armando Suarez
-MarvinRosas Report | 05/04/2012 10:16 pm
Thnks Stranqer;P
iiLaLaLoveeYou Report | 02/08/2012 8:39 pm
<3(: How Youh Been? ^-^
iiLaLaLoveeYou Report | 02/05/2012 7:52 pm
Hello, Lovee! <3 ^_^ iMissYouh!
iiLaLaLoveeYou Report | 02/05/2012 7:52 pm
Hello, Lovee! <3 ^_^


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I adopted a panda!
Name: Donte<3
Age:7 (:
Likes:me , people to cuddle with, bananas, and coconuts ;D
Dislikes: coldness, popcorn, mean people, nightmares.
Owner: MEEE<3(:
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please help D;


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i love you


♥ 1. Hold your breath ♥ 2. Go to your profile and add this ♥ 3. Still holding your breath ♥ 4. If you made it, your a good kisser(:

thats me (: don't hate -.-