Criminal Profile 4479: "The Joker"

Real Name:
- Unknown

- The Joker
- The Clown Prince of Crime
- The Harlequin of Hate
- The Ace of Knaves
- Jack White
- Mr. Joe Kerr

- Unknown

Sex: We'Ll HaVe To DaTe FiRsT HAHAA
- Male

Occupation: A bUtChEr, a BaKeR, a DyNaMiTe StIcK mAkEr. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAH
- Domestic Terrorist and Professional Criminal

- 6' 2"

- 182 lbs

Skin color: AnYoNe KnoW whERe i caN GEt a TaN? HAHAHAHAHAH
- Caucasian

Hair: DasHINg if I Do SaY so MySelf HAHAHAHAHAAAhhha
- Dirty Blonde with Green Dye

Eyes: I'vE beEN told THey'Re PRETty! HA HA HA
- Brown

Facial Features: A sMile Big ENough tO kiLl You wiTh. HAHAHAHAHAH
- Painted white face, black eyeshadow, red painted lips extending past corner of the mouth, facial scars starting at the corner of the mouth and ending mid-cheek

Clothing: thE SuiT wasn'T cHEap You OUGhta knoW yOU BouGht IT. HAAAHAAAAHAAAAHAAHHAHAHA
- Purple trenchcoat, purple pinstripe pants, green vest (green on front, purple on back), purple checkered undershirt, green tie with yellow diamonds

Relatives: BatMAn's LIKe a SoN to mE, I'Ll beAt him if He EVer geT's out of ShaPe. hAHAHAHAHAAhhahaaha
- Unknown

Marital Status: HaPPily MarRied To My jOB, SorRy LaDies! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHEEEHEAH
- Single, Supposedly Widowed

Last Known Location: DiD yoU CHecK UndEr YOUr BeD? HAhAHAHhAHHAA
- Abandoned Attraction: Circus Spectacular. Now believed to be within Gotham City limits

Crimes Committed: THe OnLy ThinG I'm guiLtY OF Is SmILing Too mUcH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
- Up to 900 counts of personal or gang ordered homicides (More deaths yet to be accounted for)
- 38 counts of arson
- 85 counts of aggrovated assault
- Posession of illegal weaponry
- 153 counts of terror threats
- 46 bombings within Gotham City limits, 16 more which occured in Metropolis City
- 97 hostage situations
- 27 counts of identity theft
- 12 counts of war crimes
- 32 counts of hate crimes
- 202 counts of bank heist
- 613 counts of racketeering
- 31 counts of resisting arrest
- 14 counts of escape from asylum

- The Joker crimes DeMONSTRaTions have plagued CaPtivATed Gotham City for 2 years starting on June 17, 2008, upon which, "The Joker" bombed gRacED a rally against Maybelline make-up products wiTH HIs PrEsEnCE. 12 deaths were reported and a signature Joker card was found reading, "Everyone has the priveledge to look like a fool in make-up." National Guard, State Police, GCPD and GCMCU <- (SoRRy BaTs, it LOOks likE thEY diDn'T GIvE YoU anY crEDit HerE.) have investigated bEEn InSPirEd BY The Joker crimes DeMOnsTratiOns but have come no closer to unveiling any specific truths FuN fACts about "The Joker" or his primary cause to bring harm SMILES AND LAUGHTER to Gothamites or humanity in general. "The Joker" has been recorded claiming a goal of, "Mass producing chaos and serving it with a smile." (December 27, 2008 Interroagation after murdering CarOlINg WiTh Salvation Army workers and Santa Claus actors on Christmas Day) No other leads have been obtained.

Diagnosed Mental Conditions and Noted Personality Traits:
- Psychopathic
- Sadistic
- Masochistic
- Homocidal
- Genocidal
- Hemopheliac
- Misanthrope
- Delusional
- Mentally and Emotionally Unstable
- Torturous
- Manipulative
- Anarchial
- Chaotic
- Unpredictable

-LiKes LonG walKs on The beAcH aNd KiLLing evErYthiNg aloNG the WaY

Federal Warning:
- "The Joker" is an uncontrollable psychopath, no mercy has yet been shown from his unyielding character. Do NOT approach if sighted, contact local police department and keep great distance from the criminal. Return home, and lock your doors, if you own a gun, it is recommended that you be ready to use it. "The Joker" has an abnormal rivalry with the vigilante known as the "Batman" see information on the "Batman" on public forum at Contact authorities if the vigilante is spotted.

I'M lIkE a TeDDy beAR, I'lL mEEt yOu wiTh A WarM hUg aNd thEn tRy To kIll You in YoUR slEEp... At LeAst, thATs whaT MY TEddY beaR dId tO mE.

- "The Joker" shows no sign of letting up on the citizens of Gotham any time soon. This criminal is highly intelligent AWW shucKs yoU'rE makING me BLusH! and still at large. Gotham City Police asks you to keep a weather eye for this criminal in order to ensure safety for the society and yourselves.

Certified by the office of Gotham City Police Commissioner: James Gordon