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Before you add me:
PM me before you add me, what's the point of adding me if your just gonna ignore me; ticks me off. I like to get to know people before I add them, if I met you on zOMG and added you because you wanted later help THEN ASK FOR HELP.
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Music Tastes:
My Music tastes seem to be endless, I'm not a fan of a few Genres but I like a few songs here and there. I am predominantly into Techno, Trance, and other related stuff. I also prefer Metal, my favorite band atm is idk...

Favorite zOMG Severs:


(Off the top of my head, update it when I remember the others)

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Akita Tsukuyomi
Damion Kiyua
Yuki Osuka
Kataki Tsukuyomi
Yokoshima Onikami
Kasahra Tsukuyomi
Oni Teriku
Kisuyuki Tsukuyomi
Kyra Teriku
Aya Tsukuyomi
Seriku Osuka
Elsa Onikami
Koyuki Sayuko
Ciro Teriku
Nokai Okira
Kalo Kiyua
Jinxis Charm
Amya Uchiha
The Blond Legend

So good or evil... i'm the same girl, olny in diguise

From 2007 to 2019, its been a long time running.

These days I can be found plugging extensive hours into Final Fantasy XIV. Sever is Famfrit,
I go by several names including 'Amya Tsukuyomi'. If youre ever local, give a holler.

Miss the MPT buddies, grats on the Millionth Page my dudes.

(Old habits die hard, never did grow out of making alts.)