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buwu Report | 09/07/2023 7:32 pm
holy crap
is it going to be expensive ?
buwu Report | 09/07/2023 5:47 pm
      User Imagewell damn
      hope the new place is great
      i had to a war with ants for 2 months.. and other crap

      maybe nxt month will be better
buwu Report | 09/07/2023 5:36 pm
      User Imagei moved
      im allergic to things
      i am ok?
      it's cold

      are u ok?
AugustSpring Report | 06/12/2023 2:00 pm
Sieg2 Report | 03/13/2023 7:39 am
heart Thank you for all you've done! heart
Jiiao Report | 12/12/2022 6:54 pm
Thank you!! I loveeee your avi whee
S N 0 0 K i 3 Report | 06/26/2022 3:36 pm
hello, just wanted to say thank you for the items and good luck on any future careers you endeavor heart
Jon Report | 04/13/2022 4:24 pm
ofc not!!
i always think of u when I have extra yammy items
Beaujolais Vino Report | 04/08/2022 6:19 pm
"used to work here"? why'd you leave?
amorremanet Report | 03/19/2022 8:04 pm
Love your avi! heart


I finally have a Toyhouse account!
Meet most of my characters here!

I like drawing and I like collecting art! Here's some art I've gotten (sorta) recently smile

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both by diet pepis

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both by hemogobIin

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User Image
both by I2ainy Days

User ImageUser Image
both by blushingmoon

User Image by pandapastels (on DA)

User Image
by Yuroppa

User Image
by I2ainy Days and MintyMiDraws

User Image
bt tessart

User Image
User Image
both by SkullMaryBooty

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😘 thank u gojika

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welcome 2 knife club

do not dab / only stab
u mess with the avi / you get the stabby

ty Blubber Tubber ilu

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lost cat 420

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