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biggrin Known as sad AMS)A-nna M-arie S-mith
heart What am I: Female(I'm into girls to be honest)
4laugh Young/Old: Not that old, imma 27
wink B-day: 1985 February 28th
rolleyes Status: Single, out of luck w/ love 4 27 yrs.! Yup!
smile Hair: Naturally brown
smile Eyes: Naturally brown
eek Dwell: 11-12 yrs.(Philippines)before-now(US WA, Kennewick. Imma top of the mountains) 3-4 yrs.
rolleyes Tongue: Fluent in (Tagalog->Philippines) and English
pirate BloodType: Just plain B (excitedly happy, curious to know 'bout others that tends to make me be insensitive, loyal, honest to fault, straight forward, easily jealous and emo, a great friend)
rofl What I like to do: Hunt Friends, Draw especially CHIBIS, read online MANGAS, watch online ANIMES, Internet
heart What I love: My friends, rofl What can I say, I hunt friends!!!
burning_eyes What Imma scared of: Losing my friends (I hunt Friends and get to know them, not hunt and be my prey!!!)
rofl Things to know Imma: Airhead(Yea, imma idiot), Artist(I draw), Online and Offline Gamer, Big Eater, Crossdress(I Like Boy clothes), Deity(I believe there is Lesbian Gods/Goddess ^^), Disabled(Well not actually to put it that way, only, ASPERGER and ADHD and also LEARNING DISORDER ^^), Dog-Lover(also Cats too), Gay/Lesbian ^^, Love Ghost movies and stories ^^, Hot-blooded sometimes, Always thought myself as a "Knight"(imma willing to shield and fight for (FID) Friends-In-Distress ^^), Shy only involving too much CROWDS staring at me/StageFright

*Personality: blaugh Sanguine/Phlegmatic
1)Sanguine: I love friends, imma people-person, i like to play old maid, alongside with friends and chat with them, not good at multitasking, cheerful that i sometimes freak others out, don't like to be avoided and tried desperately to get their attentions, i won't accept defeat when it comes to making friends and to have friendship last long ^^, WARRIOR/KNIGHT of Friendship (Idolized Nanoha Takamachi from Magical Girl Nanoha) ^^, i can be very insensitive and not think of others' feelings(even I don't realized this myself) and always curious about everything.

2)Phlegmatic: Enjoy calm and quiet card games sometimes, sometimes shy, slow to make a decisions (especially involving friends, but imma doer when it comes to accepting yer faults and mistakes), i have a childish behaviour and sometimes easily teased and tricked into doing things (imma very naive person, always believe things others say ^^), more of that I just go with the flow at time to time.

Favorite color and their personalities 4laugh
Red-excites the emotions and motivates us to take action
Orange-offers emotional strength in difficult times
Blue-trust, honesty and loyalty
Black-protecting its emotions and feelings

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Kilovo Report | 12/18/2012 10:41 pm
8======D dramallama dat is also u ams biggrin
Kilovo Report | 12/10/2012 10:26 pm
8=======================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================D <( ^ O ^ < wink dat is u ams
Aetheryda Report | 11/24/2012 3:58 am
Hai Ams 3nodding
tamagachi_123 Report | 11/15/2012 11:19 pm
Hi my name is Tamagachi you can call me Tama for short
Likes biggrin rawing,Anime,Swimming,Skating Etc.
Thats all I can say... crying
Xynebi Report | 11/12/2012 1:38 pm
:3 whee heart
Hey biggrin



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