Bienvenue a mon profil de gaia en ligne !
The name's Thomas.

As you can see, I'm obsessed with French.

je suis thomas
i live in France (fallbrook)
je suis tres timide
i try to be positive
je sais que j'ai des defauts innombrables
i <3 my pooh bear. [:
je fais des choses quand j'en ai envie
including music, art, and modeling
j'aime les langues
i don't trust many people
je pense trop a la vie
so much to the point that it scares me
je ne hais personne
i try to bring out the best in everyone
j'aime ma famille
my biggest hero is my brother
j'aime vraiment le dieu
i have few friends
beaucoup de connaissances
i truly love and respect them all
j'essaie d'etre authentique
no longer will i sit in the corner
il y a plus de loin mes yeux
i am here
Et le monde est le mien.

love me smile


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Viral Agent

Report | 08/06/2008 9:51 pm

Viral Agent

Hello dahling.
I felt a little naughty, having used you and left for such a long time.
But I'm back.
I shall shun no longer.
******** me.
The Princess of Snooze

Report | 08/04/2008 10:49 pm

The Princess of Snooze

bored :/
very very bored :/
The Princess of Snooze

Report | 08/04/2008 10:45 pm

The Princess of Snooze

lol how goes it? C:
The Princess of Snooze

Report | 08/04/2008 10:42 pm

The Princess of Snooze

Lost But Here

Report | 07/31/2008 11:31 pm

Lost But Here

yeah, I would, wouldn't I
Lost But Here

Report | 07/31/2008 8:25 pm

Lost But Here

Oh, ok then, that makes more essence.
Lost But Here

Report | 07/31/2008 1:41 pm

Lost But Here

you're no fun at all!!!!
I just wanted some violation, and you won't come through for me?
What a friend!
Lost But Here

Report | 07/30/2008 9:49 pm

Lost But Here

RAPE ME, BABE!!!!!!!

Report | 07/16/2008 6:48 pm


french music ahh.. always a refresher to me ^^

if you have any artist in mind, please do tell

don't hold back ^^

things are going... eh.. i just made a fantabulous spaghetti dinner with the works on the side

and home made meat balls that turned out very much to my likings ^^

i am left home alone with paul... for 10 days.. while my mom is in the caribbean getting married..

and i have to take care of the dude's mother... she's nice.. but i'm afraid she'll die soon...

oh.. and i have to take care of their dog otto... he doesn't like paul lol

i have so many chores... but i dun wanna do any >.<.... yea


Report | 07/16/2008 2:42 pm


pronunciation... i have those language learning cds from a while ago..

do you think they might help me, or would you prefer i talk to you for the correct pronunciations of everything..

i tried the cds a couple years ago for swedish, but i only learned a couple words...

lol and thanks for any advice you can give me ^^

if you need my new number, you can ask faith or devin for it....

yea... so how're things in avo-land??