2013 new poem "Broken"

You took a knife to my heart
and let me bleed out
you never turned out
and never asked if i was alright
just let me lie there all broken
my heart is fragile
and now its in peaces
as i see you walk out of my life
i never hesitate
just to look away
my day has turned dark
and now i try to pick up my heart
it will continue to beat
cause i will remain strong

2013 Poem "Wont Give Up

God on my knees
beggin what did i do wrong
did i take the wrong path
please guide me to the right direction
Im using you to be my gps
where is the light
im searching in the dark
god please give me a sign
i know your here
just let your presence known
im pressing my hand against my chest
as the tears are rolling down my face
god i will never give up on you
no matter how tough life gets
i know you can get me back on feet
just takes a lot of patience
all i want is just something to be my destiny.

2013 poem "Bully"

A guy has a unique hair cut
and he's titled emo
a girl is a little chubby
and people call her fat
a boy talks funny
and people call him stupid
a person is missing a arm
and people just stare and laugh
these people just hide behind a mask
just trying to put a smile on their face
and just hide away the hurt and pain
everyday they just go through the samething
they come home and write in their journal
just trying to vent and just trying to survive
this is the things i went through,this is how I know
its just i try not to let my scars show.

2013 poem "Message to God"

I wanna run for my dreams
God I wanna just achieve
im on my knees just pleading

Without you im nothing
im a boat without a paddle
im going down
please help me im drowning

Let me grab your hands
I want to be saved
take me down a path

I wanna just be on the right road
I dont want to find any shortcuts
please just here me shout for you
and i will always know you won't give up.

2013 poem "jesus"

Let me walk with Jesus
letting him know i didnt give up on him
sure things get rough
but i always know hes by my side

He throws us curve balls
to see if we can handle his test
and most of the time he shows what we can do at our very best
sure we aren't perfect
but life isn't supposed to be easy

Look behind him and you will see front prints
where i walked with him
he will always be my savior
I will never give up
I'm a Christian for life

2013 poem "Dreams"

Winds flow through my wings
im like a paper drifting
just as free as i can be

Let the wind carry me
I dont care where im going
or when im going to get there

When I reach my destination
you will see what my dreams will be
and you will see my future has in store for me

Even through the twist and turns
I will make sure everything falls into place
no matter how long it will take

Im the one that holds this key
this key will control my destiny
no one will crush my dreams.

2013 poem "paper"

I crumble a piece of paper
and throw it towards the wind
I don't know how far its going
or when its ever going to land

As the piece of paper flies
I look at it likes its my life
going in all sorts of directions
as it goes one way and then the other

Where is the piece of paper going?
does it have a plan or when its going to stop
is it going to end up at a doorstep?

This piece of paper doesn't have a future
but do you?

2013 Poem "Sun"

Let the sun shine on me
I want it to lead me to my dreams
what can lead to my destiny

Let it shine down the road
Im not afraid to be shown
I want those barriers to break down

I want to climb over obsticals
and achieve everything I have going for me
I know I wont get a medal for my achievements

The only thing I will get is a key
a key that will open this door
let me just get that foot in
and see my life began.


Always be faithful
be kind to you heart
cause you never know where it will start
its just the spark you need
to get through life
without even having to think about a fight
and always you can sleep good at night
be always so kind
cause you never know what you will find
whether its a beginning of a friendship
or just a great relationship.


Why should you have to follow the crowd
why cant you just be your self
people are afraid to get out of their shell
and just be free,and be released from the strings
just cause someone is trying to be cool
doesn't mean you have to be that same boring tool
imagine their life
do you think they are having a good time?


people walk a line the shadows
just afraid to get out
and just be released off these chains
but with enough believing you break them
and just spread those wings
screaming im free
as you sore through the sky
this is what you call life
so many choices and so many turns
and you know that this is just the begining
imagine you being a catapilier wrapped up in a cacoon
and turning into that beautiful butterfly
as you sore through the sky.

Let me be free

m a follow of my shadow
I dont follow the crowd
I'm my own person
No one gets in my way
and i make sure my day goes ok
im who i'm
you can't change me
you can't control my dreams
time for me to break from your ball and chains
and let me spread my wings
let me be free
please just release me
I feel like this is a dream
but in reality this is my destiny


I'm trapped down a hall way
no way to turn no way to run
its a living nightmare down this corridor
as i hear ghost screams
and zombies coming near
this was my fear and now thats its alive
now im wondering if im going to die
or can i fight through this
nope cause its the zombie appolocypse.

Our Glory

he is our glory
he is our father
his son is our redeemer
he gave his life for us
as soon as the nails hit his hand
our life just began
as we shout halljeulla and say amen
he looks at us as we worship
and praise him
jesus is our follower our savior
we can cry and he will be there
with arms wide open,as we have prayers to share
he makes our life alright to live
and gave us all a special gift
no matter what the day brings
hes there by our side
day or night
he will make sure we are alright
so don't make it a fight
he will gave us the light
he is our holy glory
as we hold hand and hand and praise
and shout amen
don't turn his back on him
there will be redemption
he died on the cross for his sins
this is the life we give him

Our Guidance

As he shines light on us
to guide us like a gps
to help us find a direction in life
so we dont have to make a fight
as he keeps us away from satan
whether its day or night
and puts the holy shield around us
like its our protective armour
so here we stand and we honor him
we praise him
and that is thy name Jesus Christ
he's in my heart where he shall ever belong
satan is gone and over a wall
as we stand up strong and tall.

Don't Feel Defeat

I'm on my knees
as i feel defeat
i can feel foot steps behind me
he comes the king
here to lift me up
as i praise his name
and worship his glory.
He is the one that gave his life for us
why push him away why walk away
he died on the cross
just to give us a beginning
he is our redeemer
the one we follow.
As i rise back up
and get to my feet
im on my knees to pray to him
to worship him,to give him all the glory
as i live my life with jesus Christ
hes the one that gave me this excellent life
as i can finally sleep at night
witbout anymore fright.

Run Towards the Sun

As my day just begun

I run towards the sun

I conquer whatever gets in my way

As my make my life okay

I dont let people bring me down

just as long as the sun hits me

Ill just let people see right through me

as they dont see my true personality

The Girl

You look up to the sky
she looks at you wity her eyes
you open up your heart
and thats just the start
you wonder if she's the girl
oh will she just make your world twirl
or will she take you by the hands
and welcome you to her land


My scars rip open
as the blood falls to the floor
as tears run down my face
and i feel this empty space
what have i done?
could it ever be fixed?
Guess its just i have to stick with it
rivers of tears continue to run down
as my body just drowns

Achierving my Dreams

look into my eyes what do you see
you see all my dreams
stuff I want to achieve
the power to just believe
as I take a walk in my life
and see the bright powerful light
and that is Jesus Christ
with him I can do anything.


I want to spread this wings and fly
release me from these strings
and let me get on with my life
nothing can hold me down now
as I walk down a path I can never turn around
I hold the key to my future that no one else can
Im finally off your ball and chains
now let me achieve my dreams

Inspirational Piece

My life is like a pair of headlights
its shines down the path I need to go down
as i take one step in front of the other
let me get closer to my goal
I hold the key to my destiny
these doors become unlocked
as I talk this long walk
and achieve everything as i stand tall

The Key to my Future

I hold the key to my future
im the controller to my destiny
nothing will get in my way
as i hold everything in the palm of my hands
and say that this is my time to shine
as I achieve goals I never thought of doing
such as me writing poetry
so let me take this light
and let it shine down the path
one I know that I know I will never think twice of going back


Are you tired of people telling you what to do
to make their dreams come true
where you feel like its not your life
where you feel like they are taking it right there in front of you
this is your life,no one should control it
you need to be let off their strings
and be free as you wild
and set your goals high
as you let them reach for the sky
as you do things you never thought of doing
like singing off key and letting your voice come together
or writting poetry and none of the words rhyme
this is what I've experienced
this is what I've gone through
but im living my life to the fullest
no one is stopping me from living my dream
my singing has improved
and my poetry has gotten deep,and has alot of meaning
all I say and do the unthinkable
do something you werent expecting,suprise your self
cause you never know it could be your destiny

Dreams into Reality

Make your dreams come true
no matter what
no matter the sacrifice
make your fantasy
into a reality
don't let anyone tell you what to do
this is your life
this is your future
don't be afraid to try anything
remember your dreams can turn into reality
never have people judge you
like a cover of a book
don't let them ever give you dirty looks
thats all it took for my dreams to come true
just as it will for you

This is who I'm

Through the sky
through the trees
i have found out my destiny
whether being a poet,or a singer
its who i want to be
no one is going to tell me anything
no one will ever crush my dreams
this is who im
this is who u cant change
you can push me around till your blue in the face
it wont make 1 damn bit of difference
whether your a poet or a song writter
if its who u want to be
follow your dreams
dont let anyone tell u what to do
no matter how bad u want to listen
it will always pay off in the long run.


never be afraid to believe
cause you might just achieve
your goals are your life
please dont make it a fight
they may help you sleep at night
giving you the light to see through the door
just as you couldnt before
when opportunity knocks
dont be afraid to open those doors
god gave you a gift
that helps you get that extra lift
so dont ever throw a fit
he will help you get through it


As u sit looking at the sky
does it make everything alright
when your close your eyes
when you dream does it make u want to cry?
You always wonder what the day will bring
will it make u happy,or make u mad
Will it make u quit
Or make u achieve
You have your power to make your dream come true
all u have to do is just believe
And that is the truth.

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2013 poem "GOD"

God is my security blanket
when i talk to him i feel a sense of comfort
no matter how bad my day is
i just know i can turn to him
even through thick and thin
I carry a bible for a reason
Im a christian,dont like it oh well
its not your place to judge me
so look at me weird as i get to my knees
and just praise him
and attempt to wash away all my sins.

2013 Poem "Superman"

Im on my knees
just trying to plead
as tears roll down my face

everything feels like its so out of place
i just wanna make this last piece fit
I will climb over anything that gets in my way

Im just trying to say
I will never give up
I was built tough

I know im only human
but i know im no superman
in my heart i know im all i can be

I don't need a cape
to make a name
I don't need awesome powers

All i need to do is just believe
and then i know i can achieve.

2013 poem "Cell"

I wanna be released from this chain
break me from this cell
I don't wanna be living in hell

Let me spread my wings and fly
i wanna be free as an eagle in the sky
just let me break from this bird cage
Im not an animal,im not your captive
you can't throw food at me
and just expect me to do something

Let me break off your strings
and just let me be me
I just wanna be free
is that just so much to ask?
or am i gonna have to go chuck norris and kick some a**!

2013 Poem "Future"

I hold my own dreams
Im the key holder to my destiny
no one is gonna bust down these doors

I want to unlock these doors to my future with the key
and not with my foot
I want to show the future im not afraid

No matter what comes my way
Im not afraid of the future
no matter what it has in store for me

Just as long as i have a light
I can see through these narrow halls
some obsticles will get in the way


Everyone is beautiful
why do people judge
they aren't a cover of a book
everyone has different looks
no matter what the person is
the all have hidden talents
the person you called ugly
could be the nicest person in the world
the person you called fat
could have a great personality
people these days just never know
and that just goes to show.

Pink in the air

This is a lot of pink in the air
there is a lot of courage and strength
that is strong enough to get through this fight
everyday breast cancer kills and another woman dies
but we can rise and fight this cause
we all built up strong
and we are made to over come
we are like pick up trucks
we are built to get over obsticles that get in our way
and we live to fight another day.

Who I am

Im broken from these ball and chains
time for me to be all i can be
its time for me to achieve my dreams
this is my moment in the spotlight
this is my time to shine
I didnt follow the crowd to be who i am
and look at me im a pretty damn good person
it didnt take years of sitting on the couch
it also didnt take peer pressure also
sure i may not pretty or popular
but you know what im also not a copy im an original.

Heavens and Angels

You lend out your arms
as he takes u above
beyond the stars,beyond the sky
through the gates of heaven
as he welcomes u with your relatives
and he greets you with his angels
that have always been your protectors
after that u stand in front of the almighty
the heavenly father him self
as he shakes your hand
as he welcomes u to his land

Darkness surrounds me

As darkness surrounds me
can anyone hear me scream
or is this just a dream?
as i wake from this nightmare
can anyone hold me
and heal my broken heart
as i hold it all torn apart
does anyone have a band-aid i can use
just to hide this abuse
as my blue skies
turn to into shades of gray
now its time for me to walk away
time for me to hold my head up high
and time for me to get on with this life
while i look for the girl
that is my destiny
that i know will be my dream.

Why do people Judge?

Why do people judge
like we are some kind of fudge
whether its our skin or our looks
are we some kind of book?
people are always pretty
look on the inside
never the ouside
people just jump to conclusions
and never make the right decision

Candle Light

As i hold the candle light
is my future bright?
Only I have the power to extinguish the flame
and make something worth my name
as i achieve my goals
and aim for the sky
as I pass the torch to the future audiance
and just to tell them live your dreams
let your life be worth living
do something you didnt dream of doing
you never know it could be you destiny


Somethings arent exactly what they seem
take my dreams and make it my reality
let me spread my wings and fly
as i sore towards the sky
as i do the impossible
and make it very possible
I strive to achieve
just because I believe
and make this my destiny
i achieve my goals
as i follow my morals

My Own Person

I am who I am
I rather be a oringal then a copy
im crazy and wild
and im not normal
theres only one person and thats me
im the one and only
people shouldnt walk in eachothers shoes
cause all it does is light a fuze
its better to be your self
then to be someone your not.

My Own Armor

I'm so peaceful
happinesss surrounds me like a blanket
i feel like im surrounded by security
where i feel like no one can hurt me
im my own armour
that no one can get past by
no one will make me cry
this is my life
i live it day by day
step by step
without anyone getting in the way


Our future has arrived
time for a new life
one without any strife
our generation is here
one without any fear
one where we can not shed a tear
this is the future where we live our dreams
without anymore screams
this is the future where we can show what we are made of
as they send us their love
right from above us.

Fate or Destny

You wonder if things are going to change
or is this your only fate
your wondering why things are staying the same
and thinking this is so lame

This is your life
so why not make it right
why put up these fights
while you try to sleep at ngith
things will be alright
just take my hand hold it tight
i wont let you go
not now not ever
so theres no reason to fear
you have someone that cares
and would want to hold you in their arms
while he heals your broken heart
and puts the pieces back together
piece by piece
until its the last part
and i heal your broken heart.

The Days

as days past by
does it make you want to cry
or does it make everything alright
when you dream
when you sleep
when you wake up are you weak
or are you all you can be
when you walk down a road
does it ever begin
or just end
when you sit down and relax
does it take a load off
or put on more stress
everyday you probably do the same thing
wondering if anything will change
you feel like your in a movie
stuck in the same frame

Destiny has a future

Through the trees
through the stars
you find out who you are
what you are brought into this world to do
as you make your dreams come true
what careers what you find
could guide you your whole life
your dreams are your destiny
you figure how to make them come true
with every talent you do
you can look a person into the eyes
and see what is in store in their life.


Location:Some where on this Earth
Age: "Age is nothing but a number its the maturity that counts"
Likes razz oetry,WWE,anything really that strikes my interest

I have the most amazing girfriend ever,and her name is Shanna,she's my love,my life,and my everything,and best of all she's mine.


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Your poems are beautiful and i can tell they are from the heart. l love them. Really glad i met you smile
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