this f*****t

the act of having sex or making out in a car.

• Felix.
• Bisexual.
• The other half of Lazer.
• Student.
• TIPster
• Jaundice consigliere.
• Multi-instrumentalist.

• I love Pokémon, especially the games Pokémon Conquest, Mystery Dungeon, and the main series.
• Typhlosion is the best, forever and always. Mine is named Blaze, and he's absolutely amazing.
• Blaze = name of all my fire-type starters, by the way. It's a tradition. All of my other Pokémon have unique names, however.
• Message me with friend codes for battling and whatnot.

• I'm a literate role-player. Samples here.
• Most of the time I play a male in photograph based role-plays.
• The only drawn picture role-plays I do are series-related.
• Feel free to send me role-play invites, but there's no guarantee I'll join.

• I like other things, too, so hit me up if y'got anything.
• Message me for my picture; I'm too paranoid to put out in public.
• Comment here because I don't like it messing up the equality of my two columns.