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Raptor Mechanic Report | 02/18/2018 12:08 pm
Raptor Mechanic
You still live in Korea?
Raptor Mechanic Report | 02/17/2018 7:09 pm
Raptor Mechanic
There are some regulars who are still on ha. Brothern lives a few blocks from when I worked at RefugeeOne.
Shadow Belmonte Report | 02/27/2017 5:52 pm
Shadow Belmonte
True, neither if possible, but I'd rather not see someone like Sarah Palin as my third option!
When that girl flubbed on her thought of Paul Revere and said he was a British aide, I was like, "Ugh! No! You failed U.S. history, even!"
I mean, I'm not so great at history myself, but... that's like saying George Washington took a steamboat across the river. x-x

But I agree with you, he's no longer the worst, that's for sure.
I wonder, if he ever saw the image himself, would he breathe a sigh of relief? lol
He may paint in the tub, but at least he knows how to paint.
(I don't paint, so I don't know these things.)
Guess it's better than 'art' created by human... liquids and such. x-x!

I'm not a techy person, I don't do art programs online.
I'm just a talker. XD
Shadow Belmonte Report | 02/27/2017 5:03 pm
Shadow Belmonte
At least you can work Photoshop.
All I know is I don't attempt; I know I'd fail. XD

Appropriate, it is!
If I could choose between Trump and Bush, I'd definitely pick Bush. lol
Shadow Belmonte Report | 02/27/2017 4:00 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Just have to say, your signature picture made me laugh so hard!
Probably the best I've seen yet! rofl
drenchlaka Report | 07/14/2015 5:20 pm
So you were in the army.

I work with veterans in A/V.

They tell me the longer you spend on tour you can question orders and become defiant. And that sooner or later killing doesn't make sense. A friend of mine survived a fierce battle with the Taliban where 75% of his company died. The stories he tells me are out of this world. He says he likes me because I have some idea of what happens in wartime and that I am not ignorant like regular civilians. I think its because I work with a lot of veterans. The s**t that happens is out of this world. A lot of the press filters it out. I remember I saw he had an army backpack at university and I had a Hijabi t-shirt on. I went up to him with a lot of joy and said I love hijabis.

And I remember you were in Afghanistan to install cell towers.

And then I thought about it.

More than likely used to track Taliban.

I sometimes ask do you ever regret killing.

They say we can't think about it a lot because if we do, we start to have a lot of demons.

And that military training is designed to reduce empathy and not to think just react so you can kill.

I have a friend an Iranian friend in SK who got her PHD in battery chemical engineering. I might visit when I get my passport.
Dafee Report | 05/23/2013 8:01 pm
Princess Creampie v2 Report | 05/08/2012 12:26 pm
Princess Creampie v2
So last semester in my rhetoric class, I was reading an article that stated South Korea has made a lot of strides with going against sexism towards women. This is quite an interesting thing to learn.

Do you plane on living in South Korea for the rest of your life? Personally, if I lived out of country, I would never want to return to America: lots of bigots.
Twin-Clutch Lancer Evo X Report | 08/15/2011 9:13 am
Twin-Clutch Lancer Evo X
Happy independence day!
Twin-Clutch Lancer Evo X Report | 08/11/2011 8:31 am
Twin-Clutch Lancer Evo X
So pretty. biggrin


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