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If you can see two pictures that state their server number, my site is online!

Statement 2010/03/07: I was going to have the server up and running by 2010/03/06, but other circumstances came up. The current server needed to be cleaned out, which that was done. However, the fan is still loud, so it may need to be oiled. :/ And I will remove Windows XP Home yet again for a Linux server install... again. I am rusty on it right now, so that will have to wait.

Statement 2010/03/11: Was trying different versions of Ubuntu Linux for Samba support, but it doesn't cooperate with me on a real machine, yet it worked perfectly on a VM. Nice. Getting openSUSE 11.2 for the main server. However, I will still use Ubuntu on an old Dell desktop in the basement. It will probably hold the MySQL database.

Statement 2010/03/12: Site's online, although PHP and MySQL is not yet enabled. Will think of trying to stabilize the connection as well.

Statement 2010/03/13: Site was offline until today. Is now running Windows 2000 SP3 unpatched. Woo, scary.

Statement 2014/08/12: Four years later. Thing now runs Ubuntu Server. Entire updates are experimental.

Recap: Tried to stabilize the connection under openSUSE Linux, but no dice. Also tried to recompile PHP4 to get FastCGI enabled, but, eh. After a few tries, I just quit. I had Apache running as stated earlier, but it was the connection. On the morning of March 13, 2010, I was like, "******** it, I'm installing Windows 2000!" And installed Windows 2000 Server for the lulz. Let's just say my computer didn't like it as much. It didn't install the video drivers (probably because it was an earlier service pack and it didn't really matter anyway), and it was a bit unstable running the Server Setup program. Eh. After that, I installed Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 3. It was very smooth.

End: Funny that back in 2007 I ran my site entirely of Linux, and it was stable. It stopped in February to March of 2009 because the hard drive started getting bad blocks, or in layman's terms, it was failing.

Site's Primary Server Specs

(Updated 2014/08/13)

OS: Ubuntu Linux Server 14.04.1 LTS
Motherboard: Intel SAI2 Server Board
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Hard Drives: 60 GB primary, 4 x 250 GB RAID 10 (2 x EIDE, 2 x SATA)
CPU: 2 x Intel Pentium 3-S 1.4 GHz CPUs
Connection: 2 x 100Mbps LAN (one is unused)
Other Hardware Stats: Floppy Drive
HTTP Port: 80
FTP Port: 26
Passive Port Range: 50001-50005

TEMPORARILY BACK UP ON THE SECOND SERVER AS A VIRTUAL HOST. ON KNUXEM RIGHT NOW AS A DUAL SERVER. I8100 (AMISAPH) NEEDS A NEW HARD DRIVE. I8100 HAS A NEW HDD, BUT IT IS NOW A LEISURE LAPTOP RUNNING A DUAL BOOT OF WINDOWS 2000 AND UBUNTU SINCE JANUARY 2010. Plans for the I8100 as a server may be back, but is no longer the main server. I8100 was retired and scrapped. Some parts were sold, too.

Site's FTP Server/BTC Node Specs

eMachines T1360 (KnuxEmLinux)
(Updated 2014/08/13)

OS: Ubuntu Linux Server 14.04.1 LTS
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Hard Drives: 80 GB primary, 250 GB secondary, 8x80 GB IDE RAID 50 Setup - 480 GB Total Space
CPU: Intel Celeron 1.4 GHz
Connection: Realtek RTL8139(A)-based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter; LAN 100Mbps
Other Hardware Stats: Floppy Drive, CD-ROM Drive (0), CD-RW Drive (1), SoundMAX Sound Card, ATI Rage XL 8MB video card (so I can physically troubleshoot the setup at some point)

Check my server info, stats, and uptime here!

HTTP Port: 81
FTP Port: 21
Passive Port Range: 50011-50211

486 Server Specs

Case: Considered Inwin, but I assume generic
Motherboard: Abit AN4R2
RAM: 12MB Fast Page 70NS RAM (Should be 16MB, but SIMM 10 slot seems unresponsive)
Video Card: Cirrus Logic CL5428, 1MB RAM
Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster 16, CT2830 w/ Roland SCB-55 Daughterboard
Power Supply: Seventeam 200W Power Supply
Floppy Drive: Sony 3.5" Floppy Drive
Hard Drives (1): Maxtor 7270AV 270MB primary master, Western Digital AC2340 341MB primary slave
Hard Drives (2): Conner CFS420A 420MB secondary master, Western Digital AC2540 540MB secondary slave
CD Drives: Sony 24X CD-ROM tertiary master, Creative 52X CD-ROM tertiary slave
Keyboard: IBM Model M, model 52G9658, circa 1993
Mouse: Logitech M-CAA43 3 button PS/2 mouse using PS/2 to serial adapter, circa 2000

Email Server's Specs [Gone]

Dell Inspiron 8100 (AMISAPH2000)
(Updated 2012/04/29)

OS: Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Hard Drive: 40 GB
CPU: Intel Pentium 3 1.2 GHz
Connection: WLAN (300Mbps)
Other Hardware Stats: Floppy Drive (Optional), a DVD-ROM/CD-RW Drive, x Sound Card, nVIDIA GeForce 2 Go 32MB Video Card

Primary Port: 25
SSL Port: 465
Submission Port: 587

AmiSaph's Store

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Hey, all! Welcome to my store!
Random stuff is added somewhat quickly, and any purchase here goes to the current questing item or avatar in my sig/profile or on my wishlist, whichever comes first.


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Ami Sapphire (AmiSaph)

Ami Sapphire's avatar

Last Login: 06/13/2019 6:04 pm

Registered: 07/26/2007

Gender: Female

Birthday: 06/16/1987

Occupation: Electronics/Computer Hobbyist

Personal Website

About AmiSaph

I am 27 years old, a casual Sonic fan, and has some knowledge with computers.

I am very serious about some things, but never fandom. Fandom is supposed to be fun, after all!

I did weird things as a kid. The most well-known thing I did in the family was sticking a bobby pin into a kitchen wall outlet.

I like working on computers, writing my Sonic fanfiction, reading hilariously bad fanfiction (on occasion), classic video games and their music, Court TV, and drawing the occasional drawing (picture).

I dislike fandom purists (elitists), very blatant Mary Sues and Gary Stus, most of today's music, and malfunctioning computer hardware.

* * * *

I also write completely non-canon Sonic fanfiction, but I leave almost any canon Sonic characters' traits intact. Besides, I tried writing a canon-related story, and it sucked worse than my non-canon stuff. So don't bother trying to convince me to stop writing my series.

Recent Quests!

Black inks and black-based bugs!
I currently have 500/500 inks. :3

diaveborn - 8 Fireflies
ShadowToxic - 30 Black Inks!
LaDy_RAWRS_AlOt - [First Session] 9 Black Inks, 9 House Flies, 3 Fireflies, along with red-type, green-type, and yellow-type bugs. :3 Got 3500 gold in return. [Second Session] 2 Fireflies, along with red-type, green-type, and yellow-type bugs. Got 1800 gold in return.
The Last Rydian - [First Session] 5 Black Inks [Second Session] 2 Black Inks, 1 House Fly, 3 Fireflies, along with red-type and yellow-type bugs.
Jimmy Sunderland - 1 Black Ink, 1 Firefly, 1 Cicada, 1 House Fly
Sissy Blade - 291 Black Inks!!

Ends this quest on July 9, 2013 after two years of questing. Thanks, Donators!


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