"I crossed over to the dark side...but don't worry, I brought a flashlight!"

Vlad: She really is good at this.
Lucy: She also thinks we're the enemy!
Vlad: Good point!

"Say the magic word!" "DIE!?"
"When you get out of hell, send me a postcard."

"It takes every colour to create black.... so even in the darkness somewhere there's a rainbow "
"I am not evil!!!.... I'm just good impared."

"for a long time it gave me nightmares...having to witness an injustice like that...It was a constant reminder of how unfair this world can be...I can still hear them taunting him..."SILLY RABBIT TRIX ARE FOR KIDS!"

"You're all just jealous because
the voices only talk to me!"

".:~ Hell is on fire? Wtf? O.o ~"
"you're a nerd! You're creepy!" - I know! And I'm ******** proud of it!"
"I'm not insane. Just normally challenged."
"Happiness and Sanity are an impossible combination"

"If you talk to God, that's praying. If God talks to you, that's schizophrenia."

"What are your other interests? Your son in my room....What? The sun and the moon! Astronomy!"

"...People think I have problems... but that isn't true. I just live with crazy people, and don't know what to do..."

"Loud? Of course I'm loud! I'd be insulted if you didn't think so!"
"Falling into darkness lost in my own insanity....Life is the only thing that is so unhealthy that it can't kill you.Brilliance, the art of making others think you're right.Idiocy, the art of thinking you're right. Which are you?"

"When you think about it, normal's just a setting on the washing machine that people use too much. What happened to 'quick wash' or 'silks."

"United we stand. In God we trust. Like yoda we speak."

"I'm an idiot, retard, loser, and anime addict. I don't have a problem with it so should you?"

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