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"I am a soldier who lives to fight the fight.
To any assailant who comes to me I give you this message.
"If I live, I will kill you."
"If I die you are forgiven."
Such is my rule of honour."

"The hunter doesn't notice the eyes and fangs of beasts lurking in the darkness.
Now, Tonight, the hunter, is being hunted."

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Amelia Muubi.
Country of Origin:
Village Hidden in Rain.
Hidden Village:
User ImageAmegakure.User Image
Clan/Kekkei Genkai:
Muubi - Mizu Kihaku[Water's Soul]
Amelia wears his Amegakure headband hanging around his neck, his long red hair tied back. Amelia wears no shirt, just a gold chain that is coiled around his body that had been placed on him to suppress his ancestor Hisoka's soul that had taken residence in his body. With baggy pants on and tabi on his feet this is his general garb. Occasionally, mostly when travelling, Amelia will wear a conical straw hat over his hair a bell hanging off the front right of it also wore long robes similar to those of the akatsuki's, the robes were solid grey-black, a blood red color on the inside.
Powerful and relaxed Amelia gives little about himself away. Even his demeanor serves to give others a misconception of who he really is. Perpetually smiling, patient, reasonable and soft-spoken, with his feelings well-hidden on the inside in a perfect exemplar of the Japanese word enryo (holding back out of politeness), Amelia is a difficult person to fathom. He gives very little away and dislikes prying into others minds, or pasts if they want to tell him, Amelia will listen and if not he'll be okay.
Raised under the Muubi clan name, Amelia began his training the day that he could walk. Adapting early on, Amelia learned basics in shinobi combat as well as in-depth information about the water element as Amelia showed promise with the family kekkei genkai. Amelia excelled in the majority of areas allowing himself to be nominated by his clan elders to enter Amegakures academy. Upon entering the school Amelia quickly found out he was much younger and weaker than the other students he studied with. The undermining of his abilities that he received from his classmates was unacceptable to Amelia causing him to leave the academy after class and commit himself to intense training.
By the end of his first year at the academy Amelia had already mastered the academies techniques and tests having dealt with more severe tests both during his time in the academy dealt by himself and previously from the Muubi Clan elders. At this point Amelia was beginning to surpass most of the current genin in ability, strength, speed, as well as intelligence...
After becoming a genin Amelia spent all of his time, not on missions training, but training with some of the Muubi clan's stronger fighters learning what they had to offer him. He occasionally trained with the other two members of his genin squad, but more than anything, Amelia trained alone and kept his true training regiment and the things he was mastering, practicing and teaching himself to those private sessions. One of which included underwater speed training.. but that would be telling. Amelia was a genin for a little under two years, others feeling as though he had cheated some what being so young graduating from the academy.
While a genin he trained under a jounin whom he considered weak and ill-experienced unlike some of the Muubi family members and elders who he could tell had been through countless fights and missions. On top of that the other members of his genin squad were two girls, one of which was already moving toward becoming a mediki and was useless as a sparring partner, the other, had a tenancy to enjoy looking at herself rather than pay attention to the profession that she was training for. This served to only motivate Amelia into trying harder, he didn't want to have to be carried by anyone and if that meant he'd do the carrying, then he'd be prepared. This situation caused him to train harder putting himself through hell during his time as a genin, both mentally and physically building upon himself through this training, his squad and their missions as well as the Muubi families demands required of him. After almost two years Amelia had done so much to increase his power, the girls in his squad having gained enough through the training with their chunnin instructor and assigned missions that their strength and ability finally allowed the three of them to participate in the chuunin exams for the first time.
At ten years old Amelia attended the chuunin exams with his teammates Jessica and Miyu. Once inside the hall where the participants had congregated, they waited for the exam to be started. The girls began to cower before the different sizes and appearances of the genin from other villages amongst them in the hall. Amelia wore his Amegakure headband hanging around his neck, his long red hair tied back, similarly to the way he wears it to this day. But he wore a conical straw hat over his hair a bell hanging off the front right of it, Jessica and Miyu wearing similar hats. The three of them also wore long robes similar to those of the akatsuki's, their robes were solid grey-black, a blood red on the inside. They wore their own normal clothes underneath; Amelia wore no shirt, just a gold chain that coiled around his body that had been placed on him to suppress his ancestor Hisoka's soul that had taken residence in his body. Hisoka fought using the blood lust, anger, hatred and any other ill-feelings Amelia harbors in order to attempt control of Amelias body for himself. With baggy pants on and tabi on his feet Amelia waited for the exams to commence.
During the exams Amelia killed a few genin out of boredom coasting through on the lack of skill held by the others in comparison. Most of the kills were out of being looked down upon by the older genin competing in the exam.
Passing the exam as a team Amelia, Miyu and Jess continued on as a chuunin team with Amelia leading them through missions as he waited for age to catch up with his ability and become eligible to move up to jounin and into ANBU which he had already been picked and started training for. For the next two years Amelia, Miyu, and Jess trained together occasionally all focusing on improvement in themselves. Eventually they split Miyu left to train more as a Mediki-nin, Jess became a Toukobetsu Jounin expanding on her abilities as a Kurama and improving greatly with her genjutsu.
Amelia became a Hunter-nin for Amegakure, the training was easy enough for him. He joined after three tests and a little less than two months of training he became a hunter at the age of twelve. Here he receives the mask that he continues to use to this day. A Kitsune mask graced with a vertical red streak going through his right eye and a purple crescent moon design underneath the left eye. Under the eyes are three red whisker-like streaks on the cheeks of the mask.
Amelia quickly began doing missions for Amegakures' Hunter unit, although despite his claims that he was capable of carrying out the mission he was escorted by experienced Hunter-nin for his first few. With the ease Amelia completed the first few missions, this allowed him to be recognized and given legitimate missions without the need of escorts, only teammates... when required of him.
To Amelia this was simple work, hiding his presence, killing targets before the enemy even knew he had been following them. Amelia used his Mist Transportation technique making bringing the body back extremely simple. Once he'd aged a bit he began doing missions with ANBU as well using everything he could to increase his skill, strength and speed. Using not only his mission targets as prey for his sparring, killing and technique practices, but stray members of his village as well.
At the age of 17 Amelia decided he was no longer truly needed by Amegakure as well as no longer needing them himself. Planning to leave he notified the Kage, who wasn't against him leaving, having suspected him of having killed members of the village but having no proof. But at the same time, he didn't want Amelia to leave considering him valuable as a shinobi making him an offer to become a Sennin as a bribe to remain with the village. Amelia eventually just walked out as the Kage lectured him about his age and potential which was exactly why he needed to go. Ame knew very well of his potential and he knew it wouldn't be achieved in Amegakure.
Upon leaving he left his headband untarnished as it wasn't as though he disagreed with his village. He was just in need of more than it at this time. Later he found out he'd ended up in the Bingo book despite this as an S-Ranked missing Sennin from Amegakure. This caused him to run into ANBU and Hunters from time to time, but Amelia never faltered surviving every attacker.
Spending a lot of time doing missions for lords or small villages as he passed through, Amelia got by, training as he traveled. Meeting several people and temporarily allying himself with multiple clans and villages Amelia progressed and soon to control his underlying issues he came up with a system in order to bind and release different skill areas of his body.
His first and most bound state that he produced was one of chains. His arms shackled together, the chain binding wrapped around both hands making one solid fist coming to rest in front of the middle of his body. In this state Amelia's blood lust is most prominent, making him violent and a threat to most people. This state allows for a release and exhaustion of these build-ups and tensions, making Amelia's murderous habits easier to deal with. His speed, strength and all around hand to hand combat skill is greatly increased. His energy on the other hand is much harder to control and his state of mind slightly more reckless and aggressive.
Because of the increase in Amelia’s murderous temptations while in this state, he is subject to losing control over his body to his ancestor Hisoka. Upon taking control Hisoka would kill everyone and everything until Amelia is able to regain control. Although this first binding stage makes things more complicated for Hisoka as he is unable to undo them and it hinders his precision in both the amount of power used and accuracy.
During Amelia's second and more pure state, he is wrapped in a gold chain fitted around his entire torso. This chain contains Hisoka fully and Amelia is unaffected by his own bloodlust. Amelia thinks clearly and calmly reading his opponent, his attacks more ranged at this point with full control over his energy. The mist gained through the mastery of the Muubi Kekkei Genkai is allowed 'out', as it is uncontrolled by Amelia. The mist is throughout the air surrounding Amelia and protects him on it's own will and instinct, it is apart of the water he uses and has used his entire life.

[Ame/Hisoka. Bound Amelia.]

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Amelia says Post-Hardcore owns your music.


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Shirayama Kai

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omg no waah</3 live with her forever ;[
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