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This is last year me
I'll get a more recent photo when I care enough to try.

I find it hard to smile for photos

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You bro's should upgrade

If you're using a monitor and graphics card that doesn't support at least 1280x720, you're doing it wrong.


The only picture on my profile that I actually created is my back ground. Most everything else here is from It's a fun place that you should check out if you haven't yet :D


Well, hey there. Not sure what you're doing here on my boring profile, but I guess I'll tell you a little something about me.
Lets start with the downsides. (I'm sooo positive, right?)
Some consider me rude. I've got something like OCD, I'm a bit of an introvert, and I care more about how other people feel than I do. I'm quite shy, and pretty terrible with words. Most find me and my freakish sense of humour to be offensive. I have the worst luck ever. I have a complete inability to pay attention to anything that I don't like for longer than a few minutes. I really hate society, but I do like the few people that aren't human trash. Sometimes I tell stories more than once, and my mind often jumps around all over the place. Actually, I do have ADHD, but I refuse to take the medicine for it. The last time I took it in-fact, I was somewhere between 5 and 9.

Now, on to the good. I'm generally very friendly. Now, I'll start wit this: I'm nowhere near as awful a person as you probably already think I am. There's no one else in the world like me, yet everyone I meet IS me (more on that later.). It takes a lot to piss me off. I tend to take on bits of others' personalities as my own (Not sure if that one's good or bad. o.o I don't mean to do it, it just happens) My favorite things ever are video games and music. Actually, I've been a gamer since day one. Not a bandwaggoner like most people who call themselves a gamer, but the kind that was made fun of for it as a little kid. I used to write a lot of comics, and will probably start again when I get out of scool. I want to be a programmer of some sort when I can get a good career, but I'd be fine with quite a few other things to be honest. Just not paper work. *Shudders*
I'm not a hipster, but I do find myself enjoying quite a few things that no one's ever heard of. I like to help people and make them feel better. "I'm a lover, not a fighter" is a pretty good description of me. Although this is true, I'm not a person to be screwed with. While I'm not big on revenge (if it gets me nowhere, what's the point?) If you break me enough, I will find better ways than violence to make you see the error of your ways, and quite honestly, I've made a few friends like that XD) I don't hold grudges though. You can just about cut a limb off one day, and if you want to be my friend the next, I'll probably accept.

Now on to the neutral details. I guess it's hard to tell from this, but my favorite color is A Certain Shade of Green (I wonder how many of you will catch that reference) Btw, that specific shade that the letters there aren't my favorite color, but it's close enough. I'm super touchy on people I know really well, but avoid the touch of most that I don't. It depends on how much I like you. I can be incredibly random, because I really can't focus on much at once, so things just sorta pop out. Sometimes I'm busy, but sometimes I'm not. I'll try to be on when I can, but not every time that I can. My life is certainly not the internet. I'll respond to any pm's whenever I see them, so feel free to send random pm's.

I... I'm out of words for now.
I might update this later.
Or not, idk really.




That I





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Bleeding Cyanide
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love you lots more heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart the best bf ever!!!!!!!!!! yum_strawberry yum_strawberry yum_strawberry yum_strawberry cat_4laugh cat_3nodding cat_biggrin whee whee whee heart heart 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh gaia_kittenstar gaia_kittenstar gaia_kittenstar gaia_kittenstar gaia_crown gaia_crown gaia_crown gaia_crown emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
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i..i umm cat_sweatdrop ...i..well.. confused .i love you.. heart
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l0l thx
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Mei Zhen Li
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Mei Zhen Li
.... are you okay o_____________0 urg, you're scary
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Mei Zhen Li
that's lame emotion_donotwant
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Mei Zhen Li
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Mei Zhen Li

/STALKS twisted
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wow surprised


I'm allergic to extended social contact.
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Here's an album of all the wallpapers I've had up on my profile. I made all of these on my own time, strictly for fun. If for some bizarre reason, one of you guys ends up liking them, here's an archive of all of them. You can download them and use them for whatever you want. But if you do take one of em, and put it on your profile or something, I'd prefer that you gave the credit to me. Also, feel free to drop me a message or something while you're there if you already have an imgur account.

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