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Amber ^^
Im an English teenage girl from a boring little town. My mates are awsome and i love them too bits, i love to chat and meet new people. I do my fair share of art, i specialise in sketch and pencil colour but im a failure when it comes to computer art =]. Im trying to make my dream avi which meens getting rid of my bun-bun plush *mourns for bunny* any help would be awsome =D Auf Weidersehn.

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Kaya Valentine Report | 08/18/2010 6:04 am
Kaya Valentine
psst... cool avi
LOL I just want my gaia award thing, otherwise I'd say "OMG YOUR AVI IS ONLY HALF THERE @_@ DEAR GOD HELP HER"
haha yeah :')
Kaya Valentine Report | 06/26/2010 12:37 pm
Kaya Valentine
I could... we'd have to see cuz I have to wear lace up boots cuz normal zip ups never fit me =/
Kaya Valentine Report | 06/24/2010 2:40 am
Kaya Valentine
I'm just totally upset that my whole Versailles outfit is ruined cuz the boots I bought don't fit and Cheyenne won't let me wear hers.
I just wanted to look uber nice.
Kaya Valentine Report | 06/23/2010 3:12 am
Kaya Valentine
that's because I do have magic noodles! well... I did. xD

haha yea sorry! I'll try it again when I have the magic noodles returned to me :]

hope your headache gets better!
I'm just sitting here all depressed and s**t.
Kaya Valentine Report | 06/22/2010 11:14 am
Kaya Valentine
Okay, I just failed hard trying to make an avi for you... I can't even make ANY today @_@ I've lost my magic NOOOOES
Kaya Valentine Report | 06/22/2010 10:43 am
Kaya Valentine
awesome ^^ plus it means I can make it look even more expensive without you having to save up for those items biggrin
Kaya Valentine Report | 06/22/2010 10:06 am
Kaya Valentine
what's your absolute limit on how much it should cost cuz I can design verrrry expensively -.-'
A flaw... I know xD
but if you tell me a limit then I can make sacrifices and make do with some slightly cheaper items rather than the REALLY expensive (but very nice) ones
Kaya Valentine Report | 06/20/2010 10:39 am
Kaya Valentine
yuhh sounds cool : D
I'll make one for you too and see if you like it ^___^ heh heh

It's the secret black widow dress from the prom dress competition. It wasn't my favourite one, but we got it for free anyways xD I wasn't complaining.
Kaya Valentine Report | 06/17/2010 8:14 am
Kaya Valentine
just when you kill the animated you get a few coins and every now and then get 10 or so for each kill. Fair enough it doesn't sound like alot at the time, but you kill like 70 animated and you're making about 700g and since that's quite easy to do in about 15 or so minutes, getting about 7k means killing around 700 animated which actually isn't too difficult, even if it does sound like a mission. That's only like 700 clicks XD

and yes, I kinda know the feeling about saving up apart from I actually have something to save for which defeats the point. XD
Kaya Valentine Report | 06/16/2010 2:44 pm
Kaya Valentine
haha yea I know.
But actually, I figured that going on zOMG every now and then for about an hour gets you a few 1000g :]
I got 7k yesterday and today on it :O
I was like WOAH OMG!