Yo! Name's Amaya Dean. I'm a college student and am in the process of deciding if my chosen path is the one for me or not. But, I'll figure it out eventually, I'm sure. I adore most things oriental(including decoration, clothing and manga!*yumminess*.)

I like hearing from random people, so even if I don't know ya, drop me a line, or two, or many! I love it! I really, really do. But don't get all nasty and perverted with me. I don't wanna meat anyone in person that I've met on Gaia, I don't wanna show you my non-exsistant breasts. I don't want you anywhere near my...netheregions. Stop asking. It wil not happen. Ever. The most that will happen is that I will report you and then block you. Congradulations, you've been barred from Gaia for being a dirty skank when I warned you not too. Good Job!

Anyway. As I said, I like decent conversation. I even like random s**t, so give it to me!

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Amaya_Dean's Useless Ramblings

So...This journal is purely for my own enjoyment and sanity. So if anything in here offends, I'm sorry, but too bad. This is me. I'm not gonna type stuff just to look good or make people happy. Don't like what's written, buh-bye.


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So i didn't find the metal ones i was looking for but i did manage to get my hand on a delightfully strong leather pair. Problem is he and she saw them before i could suprise them with'em and now wont talk to me. Now i feer they'll go to waste, honestly i need someone to help me christen my new table and break them in. This is quite the conundrum.

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random comment

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hello random friend
girl with power of moons0

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girl with power of moons0

hey first comment yay well had to show my gurl some luv^^


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