Welcome To My Profile!

My name is Danielle, but in real life my nickname is Rae and I am a 22 year old mommy to a 2 month old daughter who is spoiled rotten already. I have a very off and on commitment to gaia, meaning that I get on for a while and then I stop getting on for about a month or so. This isn't because i lose interest, I just get busy and can't get on for leisure as much as I'd like. I've given up a lot of my hobbies because I had a baby, but I have refused to give up my writing. It is too important to me. SOo I write, I draw, and I plan on opening an avi art shop soon! Or at least that's my goal <3.

Things I do on Gaia:

Role Play <3
Charities <3
Make Friends <3
Fish <3

l0l heart if you want to be friends and maybe go fishin' together, then let's get to it wink