Gaia, you've become just like every other sad site; making us pay for it.

The things you may find about me such as my posts or journal entries are ancient, so if you really want to know something just PM me and I'll get back to you in anywhere from probably two weeks to a month.

And no I do not want to cyber with you, so twelve year olds and thirty year olds STOP ASKING ME.
And no I will not give you my password even if a ghost kills me in three weeks, hey assholes, it's been a couple years now and uh, no ghost has killed me yet.
Thanks. Haha. Oh yeah, the name is Alyssa.
Remember it well, loves.

P.S. I'm not mean, really. I actually am quite nice and silly. Gaia just makes me sick.

The real about me:

I am Alyssa.
I am quite young.
Not like... 12 year old young. Haha. But young, still.

I am getting old now. o_o;
I am very laughable.
I enjoy learning things.
Yes, I have an amazing lover. 12-13-12 or 12-12-12.
Depends on how you look at it.
I enjoy many things.
I love life, and it's musical pleasures.
Feel free to talk to me :]


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=D My Journal...NO, IT'S MINE!!!

Just my rubbish that you love to read.


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Omg, just like you I decided to log in on a whim and I saw your message. I could cry, it feels so nice to be remembered to be thought of. I hope you're doing well with life! I remember all those hours we chatted and spent on here, insane how time flies by... ugh, sorry, I'll be off shedding a million tears.
Your Neglected Sex Toy

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Your Neglected Sex Toy

Hey there! I remember you as well, how have you been doing since the time we last talked? I kind off tend to get on Gaia only to check if I have any messages/comments and I log off lately. smile
Your Neglected Sex Toy

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Your Neglected Sex Toy

Hey! How are you? How's life going?
Kamiya Hime

Report | 05/19/2014 5:16 pm

Kamiya Hime

Thank you for buying! smile

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Thanks for buying Dear! 3nodding

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Thanks for buying yum_strawberry

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Sorry i took my this long to reply! :face palm:

But girl, you be trippin'! *snap, snap* I mean, it happens, but not as often as the internet makes it seem! Florida isn't too bad, the tourists are worse than the alligators, lmao!
I would love to see a wild bear though, just once at least. I just think they're so cute. Now if we're gonna talk about videos, at least alligators don't go through the trash and steal picnic baskets, lol.

Oh man, I forgot we were talking about the na-na bump! About psyching yourself out, yea dude, that's the worst! Not knowing what it is and just coming up with worst case scenarios. I had a swollen lymph node right on the crease of my bikini area once and that scared the sh*t out of me. I was like "It's a tumor, I'm gonna die, it hurts!" And then it went away. But I mean, for yours you needed surgery so thats just eek. How come you didn't call in to work that day? You know you could've been a dirty girl that day and had just gone commando and worn a skirt. Lol, racy.

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Oh, well, where there is a will, there most definitely is a way, haha.

HAHA! Omg, why does everyone think that about Florida! Lmao. There aren't alligators everywhere, it's pretty rare to see them in lakes close to suburban areas, unless it's really big and wooded. Most times Animal Control relocates them. But yes... The humidity. It's an awful thing. I think I'd rather camp with an alligator, at least I can out run a gator! I'll give you an in depth report of both Disney parks and it will have graphs and everything.

I totally googled it. Needless to say, I won't be googling it again, haha! OMFG! Dude, I couldn't! No needles should be down there like that. I've got sympathy pains for you. :/ I can't imagine how rough that night was. At least it wasn't anything super huge, according to google, those things can get gnarly. At least you caught it, and actually went to the doctor. And at least it wasn't herpes, hahahaha!! But now you know what to look for should it come up again. What did you family and fiancee say? I'd be freaking worried.

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Well, I guess I'd have to do the baby ones first, I don't wanna be the subject of the next blockbuster about a woman getting lost in a cave and having to go to extreme measures to stay alive. Do they usually do like group tours of the bigger ones?
Girl, I lived in Florida most of my life! It's hard to camp peacefully in Florida! It rains a lot, and mosquitoes will eat you alive. Also, I never knew anyone who camped... so that's why my life is campless. u_u

I'm actually kind of excited to go to Disneyland since I've only been to Disney in Orlando. Though I think the drive will be killer. x_x Do you still have family in Sacramento, or are they all in Washington now?

No, no don't do that boo-ha! :T I mean, this might be a little private info invasive, but did they have to do like full on surgery on it? Or at this point can they just give you medicine?

Report | 01/18/2014 4:15 pm


Ooh, I've never been camping before!! Can you do spelunking in those caves too? I wanna try all those crazy kinds of things, you know? Live life on the edge while my body is still young and can take it. That's really interesting though, I'd love to see all that stuff. I've only ever seen tropical mountains in Puerto Rico.

That's freaking awesome, though. Ahhh, beach houses. Santa Cruz and Lemoore are about 2 and a half hours apart according to Google. I guess Fresno is the biggest city next to Lemoore, if you can call Fresno a big city, lol.

OH NO! D: That sounds like bad times dude, I'm sorry that happened to you. :'/ Are you at risk of them coming back?


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