Hello my name is Alyce Faythe. but you can call me Alyce.

I don't remember much of who I was before Dealer took me away. I wouldn't be able to tell you my last name, where I came from, or what year I was born.

......All of those memories have slipped away......

All I can recall from my days as a human is pain and misery, that is till Dealer showed up for some reason that memory is still around....maybe because it was the start of my new life.

I gave him my soul to be free of the pain and misery, in return he said I could have a single wish, but I would have to be loyal to him and work for him.

I didn't even hesitate in my response to him. I asked to be able to change into a wolf.

I should of known he would have a small trick up his sleeve for he didn't just make me a shape shifter, no he added something else to the mix that I didn't find out till much later. Every time I saw blood or smelled it, I went crazy for it. I couldn't control myself, i turned into something who wasn't me. Dealer told me he added a bit of demons blood, he said it was just for fun since I was the first soul he ever took.

But not only did he add a bit of demon to me....I also got a curse....but not like the curse that he has...

My curse is Trust.....every time someone trusties me with their life.....it ends horribly......and I am the one that causes it to end......