My name is Matt
I'm really a guy, lol
My bestest friend, Aj (-xaia_chimera-) supports me in every way ^^
I like rainbows
I play the guitar
I love Metallica <3
Metal is my favorite music genre
I love snapple apple
I play Runescape (username: 99strwitiron)
I play counter strike: source (character name: teh_squishy)
I play strarcraft (best player in world) (can't wait for starcraft 2)
I have a PS3 (My username is "prayforpain")
I could pwn you any day at super smash bros. brawl with no items cuz i think items are another way of proving u suck and could never beat me w/o them >.< (btw, final smash ball is counted as an item)
yes, i'm an uber pro gamer
I play world of warcraft (i have a lvl 80 blood elf combat rogue, and a lvl 80 night elf assassination rogue)
I'm pro at guitar hero
I hate rock band, only got it for the drums and when friends come over
And yea, thx, Aj, for introducing me to gaia like 2 years ago. i love you, girl ^^


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