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What you should know about me.

HI.I am a little bit of a trouble maker lol not really..... I love to meet new people and talk if you ever need to talk i am your girl...... smile well i am a very hyper happy person i dont like fun suckers and i really hate it when people talk trash behind my back.... i am a little crazy but not in that way you can put me in a room with pillows for walls and i would have a holly day lol and i would would find it reall amuzing lol...
ummmm when i see a person sitting there by themslefs i will make them feel better and befriend them... i dont like it when people mess up each others lifes its bad not nice..... i have a very high tolerance for retarded people cant stand it when people act stupid when something is very improtant so yeah watever you not my friend if you dot that...
i love to make people feel better but if they need there space then they can have it... well i am going to stop tlaking not befor my whole page gets full of stuff that people realy dont need to read well GO AWAY NOW lol


Aly and joe