hanging out, sneaking out, making out, passing out


jess mahoney (marny)
i'm easily amused but easily distracted
i like to go out, preferably at night
im never home, i like to drink
i like to dressup, i love to have fun
i talk to strangers, i pull funny faces
if you piss me off i'll probs be a b***h about it
i'm really lazy during the day, i sleep in,
i ******** hate school and most of the people in it
i love my friends to bits.
i do stupid things =]

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stuff =]

when I feel like writing I guess


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trashy zombie

Report | 07/07/2008 10:34 pm

trashy zombie


Now you have 2 Friends :]

i went on Habbo for 2 seconds. And then they had a Maintenance.

I logged in, changed to a man, changed profile. then poof.

lol im serious go on habbo. forgot your account. LOL x.=-Krystal-=.x

i still remember saying it in my head. ex dot equals hyphen krystal.

trashy zombie

Report | 06/27/2008 6:58 pm

trashy zombie

nahnahnah. its just plain :]

nah mine is too.

k well start over and i can like push you or something.

yuck your friends are freaks.
trashy zombie

Report | 06/17/2008 3:54 am

trashy zombie

Wow. You have the Best Profile i've ever seen.
trashy zombie

Report | 03/21/2008 5:44 am

trashy zombie

oh and that 2007; no regrets thing

i found on someone's myspace

like someone u probz dunno though
trashy zombie

Report | 03/21/2008 5:43 am

trashy zombie


Im not even in ur 'tops'.

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Mrs Ridonkculous

Report | 03/16/2008 3:29 pm

Mrs Ridonkculous

Well I think you should start up again if that's what you want! ^^ <3 If not that's alright we can still talk via e-mail cuz it's what the sweet people use I guess ;o XD lolz
Mrs Ridonkculous

Report | 02/27/2008 9:54 pm

Mrs Ridonkculous

Oh Noes! User Image It seems I am too late User Image This is like Rydia_summoner the very very old owner User Image I'm sorry i didn't contact you sooner lots of s**t has been happening ><! But if you do check send me a pm or add my msn and then send me an e-mail with your msn incase well my ex bf now was on my account and deleted and blocked you on my msn User Image My msn is soccerchick151515@hotmail.com and that's all I gots to tell you I'm so sorry for taking so long and hope to talk to you soon User Image


Report | 12/17/2007 4:45 am


Hi! Long time no speak User Image I'm Just Viewing my friendlist...and i'm checking out profiles...i'm so bored..no wonder i did this..Lol..
x--M O N S T E R Mash

Report | 08/22/2007 4:15 am

x--M O N S T E R Mash

Lol HI
Kisss My Sasss

Report | 08/11/2007 10:18 pm

Kisss My Sasss

hey *pokes*