This is my page. So glad you could find it.

My name is Alusis. I'm probably older then you or just smarter. I love to debate, talk to friends and ********. I'm a dom/seme and I'm good at it too.

I've been on Gaia for 4 years.

Fags piss me off so if you are a flaming gay boy, a f**, a pansy, or just annoying. Please leave now, because you won't like what I say to you.

I like guys, girls are too stressful and hormonal.
I don't believe in love, I believe in lust and attention. Fools in love are most likely just in lust and to stupid to tell the difference. So if you flaunt your petty puppy love and tell me I'm wrong...Prepare to debate me.

I like to roleplay, thats why I'm here. So if I piss you off as my character, get over it.

I'm not really social but I'm good at it when I need to be. I work in the food business ironically enough in costumer service.

I'll back my friends up over anyone.

Myspace sucks. I don't share pictures so I don't have one.

I dress in dark clothes and dark make up. Label me goth or what ever you want to, I don't give a s**t what you call me.

I am not fond of relationships so don't expect one so easily.

I live in San Francisco so nothing surprises me anymore.

I drink way to much for my own good.

I have a bad temper, but I'm calm and laid back for the most part.

I hate illiterate people. Don't talk to me in net speak. I'll hate you.

I'm polite most of the time and proper when I need to be.

I'm far to addicted to this place. And I don't donate to petty beggars. I'm an oldbie and I'm an a**, so you don't want to go there.

I'm a sadist. I love making people beg, I'm kinky and have very weird fetishes. Most can't keep up with me so I don't expect you to either.

If you read all of this and still want to be on my friendslist, I will ask you a random question to test you pay attention. Or you're not worth my time. Also please don't assume that because you read my page and request me as a friend and answered my questions that you're going to automatically be accepted. I may still not like you enough.

I do avi art, shop, link, now.
-Coming soon-


A common way people describe me
You're really a monster you know that. A bitter, spiteful b*****d.

Sometimes, Alusis, you sicken me. sweatdrop Just wanted to say that.


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Chronicles of a Warped Mind.

<center><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v90/Alusis/Gaia/PASTE5.jpg" alt="Chronicles of a Warped Mind">

s**t I press on the keyboard.



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Prince Shinsuke

Report | 06/24/2010 12:57 am

Prince Shinsuke

cool avi
Prince Shinsuke

Report | 12/25/2009 1:41 am

Prince Shinsuke

thank you for the birthday wishes! <3

Report | 07/22/2009 1:00 am


Hey Alusis!
What's up?
Ookami Aya

Report | 07/06/2009 8:23 pm

Ookami Aya

Hey Alu! Guess what?

... *molests*
UPC Andy

Report | 05/12/2009 12:36 pm

UPC Andy

Yo. I found your theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hF8-FF_V8wQ&feature=channel_page
Credulous Nature

Report | 04/29/2009 6:37 am

Credulous Nature

Hmm... I believe Lust is part of Love... I don't think I'm confused or an idiot for believing in Love either... To each their own though... Love the avi and how you combined the scythe with the armor. ^__^

Report | 04/25/2009 11:32 pm


Hi Alu.
What's up?

Report | 02/06/2009 2:31 am


i just had to comment that your avatar is amazingly awesome like nobody else's and extremely distinct. it's too cool. great work! and this is random enough, but the confirmation at the bottom says: Bulgaria human.. so weird! yeah, but really nice avi! lolz User Image
Pixiedevil is Dead

Report | 11/24/2008 5:36 am

Pixiedevil is Dead

your avi is oh so purple and sexy!
Pixiedevil is Dead

Report | 11/09/2008 1:48 am

Pixiedevil is Dead

I love your profile! Personally I think it's going to be the best movie of the year!


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